Culture Cycles Top Twenty Featured Bicycles of 2012

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This site saw so many beautiful bicycles throughout 2012 that it was hard to even narrow it down to 20. Originally, I wanted to narrow it down to just 10 bikes, but I kept revisiting so many fine specimen that 20 seemed more fitting (and easy, sort of). While there may be a ton of pretty bikes featured here, it’s not all we’re focused on here. So therefore, just like  last year, I’m working on pulling together a best-of 2012 recap, just like I did last year. Check out the photos & links to the top 20 bikes below.

In case you’re wondering, these were compiled on a combination of not only popularity, but also my personal favorites of course. They’re also in no particular order…’cause what’s the point? Enjoy.


JP’s Fly Montaña

fly montana bmx bike (23)

Vanilla Bicycles Road Bike

vanilla bicycles road bike

Old Spokes Home: 1899 Stearns Chainless Restoration

stearns chainless bicycle

Custom Rohloff Surly Cross Check Check

World’s Lightest Road Bike: 6 lbs (2.7 kg)

Worlds Lightest Bicycle

Merlin Titanium Track Bike

merlin titanium track bike (5)

Cycles d’Autremont: Oregon Manifest Porteur

hubert d'autremont (3)

1989 Kestrel MXZ Mountain Bike

1989 Kestrel MXZ (1)

Custom Firefly Belt Driven Titanium Commuter Bike, Rohloff-Equipped

firefly rohloff commuter bike (10)

1990 Pinarello Antelao Mountain Bike

pinarello atnelao mountain bike atb (1)

Hunt’s Raleigh Portage 650b Touring Bike

raleigh portage 650b touring bike

Pegoretti Responsorium

pegoretti responsorium

 Burlington Burner by Fast Boy Cycles

fast boy cycles burlington burner

Custom Surly Pugsley

Custom painted surly puglsey

iNBiCLA “Crusted” by Vitor Machado

inbicla crusted bicycle vitor machado (1)

Somec Super Corsa Track Bike

somec super corsa track bike (7)

Kish Singlespeed Mountain Bike
kish ss mtb mountain bike

Signal Cycles Ashley Mixte



firefly steel road bike (2)

Sunrise Cycles Mountain Bike

sunrise cycles mountain bike (13)