Culture Cycles 40oz Koozies


I’ve had these bad boys for about a week now, but just now got around to photographing them. These custom 40 oz koozies feature our headless bike-man in safety orange, screened over some Mossy Oak Breakup camouflage and are ready slip over the finest bottle of malt liquor or bomber. Maybe you don’t drink 40s all the time (or do you?), but admit it – there’s nothing like grabbin’ an OE every now and then. They’ll also work well for your favorite 22 or 24. The problem with 40s is they’re cold, somewhat hard to hold, and often lose their cool about 3/4’s of the way though. Well, this koozie easily solves all of those problems and I guarantee the other goon drinking one won’t have a rad koozie like this.  I got a little cold going, so I picked up some OE & OJ and am on my way to a speedy recovery. Who doesn’t enjoy a brass monkey here and there?

I’ve been working on getting an online shop up, but in the mean time if you’d like your own koozie shoot me an email ( They’re $10 shipped domestically and I gladly accept Paypal. Let me know if you’re international and I’ll check the rates. Hope you like ’em –  I appreciate your continued support over the years!

See a few detail shots below.



40 oz koozie