Derek Update: Kigali to Kivu



Our buddy Derek’s been truckin’ along through Rwanda on the tour of a lifetime. If you missed our earlier updates on his journey, he’s already made it through a number of countries and even spent some time volunteering at a community bike shop in Kenya on Mfangano Island. His last update is full of photos and stories from his recent journey from Kigali to Kivu. I can’t really do justice to his words, so you’ll have to head over to his travel blog Horizons Oblivious and read about his experiences so far. I need to get out and do some touring this year!

Above you’ll see Derek’s fully loaded Trucker Deluxe and a shot of him giving a little guitar lesson in Gitarama. Don’t skip on his site though if you’re looking for a good read. His stories are rich with detail and will make you want to get out and explore the globe via bicycle.