Getting Excited for NAHBS: Gallus Cycles – 650B MTB


Man, I can’t wait to head out to Denver next Thursday. This’ll be the first year that I’m heading to NAHBS and I couldn’t be more jacked up about it. Not only do I get to leave Vermont for a few days, I’ll be in downtown Denver in full-on geek mode for nearly 72 hours! With an estimated attendance of 8 thousand and tons of builders exhibiting, there will be no shortage of things for a lone wolf like myself to do. If you’re gonna be out there and wanna hang, shoot me an email ( and we’ll have to meet up. I’ll have some 40oz koozies with me for sale and a bunch of stickers for free, so don’t be a stranger!

Oh yeah, I can’t wait to see what Jeremy at Gallus Cycles has to offer either – this 650b MTB is the truth!

ps, it’s also been featured on the great Cycle EXIF.