FASTHEFACTORY: Stone Free JHT Mountain Bike

 photo 29er_kevlar_zps91299a5a.jpg

In the spirit of the earlier post today, here’s an awesome rigid carbon 29er straight outta Modena, Italy. Valerio sent me these photos of the Stone Free JHT 29er by FASTHEFACTORY and of course, I had to share. This bike is rad. No, it’s not just another carbon bike…it’s actually constructed of proprietary carbon honeycomb tubing that’s 30% lighter than standard cRabon and also 30% stiffer. You’d normally only see this type of carbon in Formula 1 cars, but the folks at FASTHEFACTORY were lucky enough to come in contact with a former F1 engineer who has since started producing honeycomb carbon tubes for bicycles.

As you begin to digest this bike, you’ll see that it’s also equipped with a tapered headtube going from 1 1/8″ to 1 1/2″ for added stiffness and also features a  strip of kevlar along the downtube for added protection from anything your front tire may kick up. Oh yeah, this frame is only 859 grams too. Check it out in further detail below.



 photo 29er_front_3_zpsde041a4e.jpg

 photo 29er_back_zpse294b674.jpg

 photo 29er_cavi_zpsf3645af8.jpg