Brew Review #11: Oakshire Watershed IPA


I just found my new favorite beer. Okay, it might not be my all-time favorite, but the Watershed IPA by Oakshire Brewing really took a hold of me. If you’re not familiar, Oakshire is a brewery based out of Eugene Oregon that started up back in 2006. If you’ve read my previous beer reviews, you’ll know I like my hops; but only if there’s just as much accompanying flavor. This beer is one of those perfectly balanced IPAs: loaded with hops up front and backed by a piney/citrus finish.

If you’ve ever had the Heady Topper, you’ll know what I mean by balancing the beer’s punch with a palatable overall taste.  The Watershed IPA does just that. It’s not super bitter like some IPAs that leave much to be desired. If you see a 6er of this at your local vendor of  adult beverages, I’d highly suggest giving it a shot. If you’re looking for a geekier review of this beer, I’d point you to Google – there are a ton of beer nerds out there, I just enjoy sharing my favorites. Cheers.