Sh(r)edding the Stress

brian kleiber

I’ve really been in the mood shred mountain bikes lately. Unlike previous years, we haven’t had much of a mud season this spring – allowing for earlier access to all my favorite trails. However, I’ve been working overtime for months now and haven’t been able to ride as much as I’d like. It sucks. But the good news is that summertime is right around the corner and I anticipate my workload plateauing – at least I really hope it does. A PMA is the only thing that’s been getting me by. Well…that and skateboarding, of course.

All work and no play is no good at all; this is a fact. As mentioned, I’ve been skating a bunch which helps offset my stress levels, but what I really need is a lung burning climb on the ‘ole mtb or a long dirt road ride to really clear my mental slate. Skating is great ’cause it’s usually a stress-free and social environment, often accompanied by beer drinking and great friends; all things that help to de-stress after a long day. Sure, cycling can also work wonders for my mental well-being, but I prefer to ride first thing in the morning before the day’s had it’s way with me. I find that I’m more inclined to explore and am better at torturing myself, especially if I haven’t already been doing so at a desk all day.

Anyway, expect to see a bit more skate content making its way onto these pages in the weeks to come in addition to the top-quality cycling content you’ve come to expect from Culture Cycles. This shot above was taken by my good friend Tommy DeLitto at a spot here in Burlington – first try with this hurricane too!