Off to Seattle

Photo Jun 09, 6 04 16 AM

Currently I’m sitting in the Burlington airport, waiting on my delayed flight out to Chicago with a final destination of Seattle. The flight was supposed to depart at 6am and it’s currently 6:14. For some reason, the last three or four times I’ve flown out of Burlington my flights have all had decent delays (so I’ve learned to book connections with a bit of a layover). Anyway, I’ll be out in Seattle on business for my day job but definitely plan on checking out some shops and doing a bit of skating before my conference starts on Tuesday. I also have plans to eat at the Space Needle. Anyone have any suggestions of people, places or things to check out? Shoot me an email or get at me on Twitter: and @CultureCycles or @klei_ber. I’ve also got a grip of stickers on me if anyone’s looking for a few freebies. While on the subject of traveling, I’ll also be out in SF for the last week of this month with my buddy Josh – again, feel free to hit me up!