Test Shots

eos m test-9

eos m test-3

eos m test-4

I recently picked up a Canon EOS M as a daily carry after seeing it for nearly 57% of its retail price. While it may have received mixed reviews, I know a deal when I see one, and figured this would be the perfect camera to bring along on rides as well as shoot bicycles. The main selling point for me was the size. As a mirror-less camera with a APS-C sensor, you get near DSLR quality in a much smaller body due to there not being a mirror box. Plus, with its 22mm pancake lens, it’ll easily fit in a jersey pocket for quick access on rides.

These photos of my Country Road Bob and San Lorenzo were just a few test photos I shot as I familiarized myself with the cameras orientations and configurations. I also got a shot of Hunt in moped recovery mode as well. I spent some time today dabbling down at Hubert’s today too; so stay tuned for those tomorrow.


eos m test   eos m test-5

eos m test-6

eos m test-7

eos m test

eos m test-8