VANDEYK & Rapha Continental Bicycle

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This VANDEYK Rapha Continental bike is one hot ride, that’s for sure. It’s setup to tackle nearly anything with some mechanical disc brakes, comfy & stiff XCr tubing and longer seat stays for some extra comfort.

Discovering the roads less traveled and the lost spirit of cycling, Rapha Continental, started in 2007, has become a global journey with documented rides and experiences around the world. Featuring a bicycle fleet built by the finest international builders, VANDEYK was excited to collaborate and built a bike for the program.

Based on the needs of handling the wide range of terrain that the Continental riders encounter, the handbuilt Columbus XCr stainless steel frame features added tyre clearance, longer seat stays and disc brakes.

The design and paint concept interprets the Rapha Continental design including a signature coding on the seatstays and fork blades that translates as ‘Continental’.

Somewhat related fun-fact: I just bought a set of pink White Industries hubs. Get the rest below…


VANDEYK x Rapha Continental

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