Chrome De Haro Windbreaker Review

de haro windbreaker

I originally got this jacket back in mid-June and to be honest, I wasn’t really sure how often I’d get to wear it being the beginning of summer and all. Well surprisingly, the Chrome De Haro Windbreaker has become a staple of mine throughout the summer and is seeing even more use now that we’re approaching fall here in Vermont. I couldn’t be more hyped on this jacket.

I’ve never really owned a windbreaker that I’ve liked until now, and I’m being completely serious. The main appeal of this jacket to me is how lightweight and stash-able it is, making it easy to always carry.  Spontaneous late-nights are a common occurrence throughout the summer and the De Haro will have your back when the temperature drops (literally).

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As I mentioned before, my favorite aspect of the De Haro is how packable it is. The back pocket doubles as a stuff-sack and even leaves you some room to stash a few other items in there along with the jacket. The micro ripstop fabric is super breathable, yet will keep you dry should you encounter a little drizzle. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not fully waterproof nor is it meant to be.

The features here are subtle, and I really like that. The side vents are hardly noticeable until you catch a nice breeze and two-way zipper makes it easy to “lean like a cholo” (or pretend you’re a superhero while bombing hills). This jacket does just as well in a bar setting as it does on an early morning jaunt to the coffee shop. It’s versatile, understated and the best windbreaker I’ve owned to date.

For more info, visit the Chrome Industries site or shoot me an email. As always, I only review products that I’d recommend to close friends and this is one of them. I’ve received even more comments on this jacket than I’ve gotten on my Lady of Guadalupe socks!

*more detail shots to be added soon, left those on another HD!


de haro windbreaker-4

First photo was with my touring bike. Here’s what the jacket looks like next to my track bike.

de haro windbreaker-2

de haro windbreaker-3

So stash-able!

de haro windbreaker

I like to unzip from the bottom.