Ibex Giro FZ Merino Wool Jersey

ibex giro fz merino wool cycling jersey

Merino wool is one of my most favorite fabrics. As a matter of fact, I’m wearing a merino tee as I write this. Anyway, I’ve been wearing this Ibex Giro Merino Wool Jersey all fall and love it. It’s my first wool jersey and it definitely won’t be my last. The best thing about merino wool is how it wicks moisture, keeping you dry while regulating your body heat; two priorities of mine I pay special attention to during the fall. It’s also made in the USA!

The jersey is full-zip, form-fitting and close to what I’d call a “race cut”.  It features three pockets in addition to a small reflective Ibex logo on the middle pocket – subtle and functional. Speaking of which, this jersey is the perfect synergy of subtlety and functionality. Besides keeping me drier than my ‘race’ jerseys, it’s also barren of large logos, a quality I’ve grown to appreciate.

As I mentioned, I’ve been wearing this jersey for a couple months now and even though you don’t need to wash merino wool all the time, I’ve definitely given this one it’s fair share of washes. It’s retained its fit and feel. Simply toss it in your machine, wash with cold water and let it hang to dry or put it in the drier on ‘low’.

Overall, I couldn’t be more excited about the jersey. It’s high quality, looks good and feels good. Check out the other styles at Ibex and get your own (currently on sale for $84 – it’s $140 retail)!


ibex giro fz merino wool cycling jersey-2

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