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  • Aaron Kuehn – Bicycle Pre-Ride Checklist

    aaron kuehn bicycle checklist

    If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I’m a fan of Aaron Kuehn‘s work. This Bicycle Pre-Ride Checklist is a great graphic; you may also be familiar with the Bicycle Typogram. Head on over to Aaron’s site to purchase prints of these!


  • Quim Cardona: Overground Broadcasting

    If you’ve been following Culture Cycles for some time now, I’m sure you know I’m a big fan of skateboarding. Growing up, I would go to this one skate park back in New Jersey called Extremes and always see Quim Cardona skating. So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw this part released, featuring some never before seen footage from an extra month on an I-Path trip in 2003 as well as an extra month on an Organica trip back in 2006.

    Not only is this part amazing, it’s also produced by Takahiro Morita, one of my favorite filmers, of FESN (Far East Skate Network) and Fat Bros Skate Shop in Japan. Enjoy!


  • Wooden Campagnolo Derailleur

    wooden campagnolo derailleur

    This is absolutely incredible. A student and mechanic at Bicycle Pro Shop, Max Hoffman sculpted this beautiful wooden Campagnolo derailleur as a Sophomore at Evergreen State College. It’s carved from a small block of walnut and took nearly 50 hours to complete! See more on Max and this wooden derailleur at Bike Rumor.


  • Chrome Industries & Orange 20 Pop Up Shop in Los Angeles


    If you’re in Los Angeles, here’s a great event coming your way this Friday, November 22 from the good folks at Chrome Industries and Orange 20 Bikes! Man, I wish I could be out there, I love Van Styles’ work. More info below:

    Chrome Industries is coming to a city near you and that city is Los Angeles. We are beyond stoked to be partnering with Orange 20 Bikes to bring you a one-of-a-kind pop up HUB, Chrome_20. 

    Chrome_20 is a shop, a gallery, a finish line, and a space for the people of LA to share their favorite spots in the city.  Join us November 22nd, 7-10pm as we kick off a month long of events starting with our opening party featuring The Streets of Chrome, a street photography installation curated by Van Styles with photographs from Van Styles, Sagan Lockhart, and Jefroe Grell.

    In conjunction with the Streets of Chrome exhibit we are launching #Wrenched_LA, an ever changing, interactive Instagram wall of all of Los Angeles’ hidden gems and hot spots brought to us by you. Who knows LA better than the people who live there? No one.

    Chrome20 will have a complete selection of Chrome Industries gear for sale throughout the holiday season. Come for the booze and stay for the party, this is just the beginning of Chrome_20.


    4357 Melrose Ave

    Los Angeles, CA 90029

    Open Daily: 11/22 – 12/22­

  • Klein Attitude Nightstorm Mountain Bike


    This has got to be one of the cleanest Klein Attitudes that I’ve ever seen! It’s even got the Precision Billet ProShift derailleurs! As I clean the drool from my desk, I’ll direct you to some more photos of this beautiful bicycle below.

    via Team Dream Team & Golden Saddle Cyclery


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  • FitBox Samples

    fitbox samples

    I came home the other day to a nice surprise in the mail from FixBox. What’s FitBox? A monthly service where you can try out a variety of nutritional products and see which ones are best for you. Seems like a pretty good idea; you also get a pretty handy musette-style bag with each set of samples. What’s in the bag? Well, it’ll vary from month-to-month but mine came filled with some Clif Mojo Bars, Accelerade, Oja Loa Sport powder, a Mrs. May’s Trio bar, a Harvet Powerbar, Sportlegs samples and some Endurolytes from Hammer Nutrition.

    Interested? Learn more on the FitBox site.


  • The Great Turkey Chase, Part 6

    the great turkey chase 6

    It’s that time of year again! Get ready for The Great Turkey Chase, Part 6 coming up a week from today here in Burlington, VT on Sunday, November 24. While many choose to race the route, as always, it’s open to all bikes and levels of fitness. The goal here is to collect food for the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf.

    Important Details:

    • Meet at Maglianero on 11/24 at 11:00 am.
    • Bring $15, a lock, helmet and bag. All money will be used for food donation purchases.
    • Bring any bike, your wife/husband/significant other/kids/friends/anyone and have a great time!
    • RSVP on Facebook

    HUGE thanks to Liam for putting this event on every year! It’s been such a fun race. I haven’t been riding much lately since I’ve been injured and just took a vacation, but I’ll be out cruising either way and you should be too!


  • Mash SF: Chas Christiansen

    Chas shreds so hard in the latest Mash edit! Turn up your speakers for this one…great riding man!