The Footdown: Pro Skateboarders Who Ride Fixed Gear Bikes

john cardiel fixed gear

Just came across this old post from Ty over at The Footdown – Pro Skateboarders Who Ride Fixed Gear Bikes. Talk about a long list!

This was done in 2010, so how many more do you think there are now? If you’ve got any that haven’t been mentioned on this list, leave a comment below or get @ me on Twitter – @klei_ber or @culturecycles. Pictured above is the one and only, John Cardiel; please take a minute to hail the great.

Here’s the link to the full list: Fixed Gear Riding Pro Skateboarders


John Cardiel
Gabe Morford
Keith Hufnagel
John Igei
Jovante Turner
Julien Stranger
Natas Kaupas
Jason Lee
Eric Koston
Arto Saari
Danny Wainwright
Joe Tershay
Adrian Mallory
Vanessa Torres
Eric Pupecki
Mark Gonzales
Omar Salazar
Brent Atchley
Patrick Melcher
Joey Pepper
Frank Gerwer
Ed Templeton
Chris Pastras
Rick McCrank
Cairo Foster
Bobby Worrest
Andrew Allen
Cameron Tabbytite
Phil Esbenshade