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  • Factory Five Tuesday Night Group Ride

    factory five night ride

    This past Tuesday was the first chance I got to go on the infamous Factory Five group ride and sheesh, I was blown away. I’d guestimate a little over 300 heads showed up the ride, all on various types of bicycles; track, fixed, road, hybrid and even mountain bikes were all present and in solid numbers. I rode my new F550.

    We met up at the shop around 8:30 for a 9 PM departure, taking us all over the city. One of the best parts of finally getting a bike to ride in Shanghai is getting my bearings and a sense of direction. For my first two months here, I had no idea where anything was let alone what general direction I needed to be going. Since then, I’ve been out almost every night getting my spin on, doing some exploring and spot hunting. I said it a while back, but stay tuned for some detail shots of my new whip in the coming days!


  • Death Spray Custom & Morvelo Cycling Kit

    I’ve said it before, but anything David at Death Spray Custom touches turns to gold; that includes textiles, too. A few of my favorite and most well-loved tee shirts have been DSC shirts. So when I saw that Death Spray and Morvelo created a cycling kit together I nearly lost it! Not that I’ll be able to afford it on a Chinese salary (let alone cover shipping), but in the words of David “it will make you faster and more attractive to the opposite sex.”

    So if you’re looking to ride faster and get more tail, head over to Morvelo and pickup the Death Spray Custom x Morvelo kit!

    Have a look at the kit’s details below – these photos are great.


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  • The Worble “From The Borders” on Thrasher Magazine

    Like nature? Want to see one of the most refreshing skateboarding videos out there? Then my buddies at The Worble have you covered. I bought a copy of “From The Borders” back in Vermont and took it along with me on my move to Shanghai and have shown it so countless people since being here; everyone was completely blown away.

    Gems like this don’t go unnoticed for long. Check out the Thrasher Magazine for the full feature of The Worble’s “From The Borders”. Enjoy.


  • Danny MacAskill: Epecuén – Trailer

    You know anything involving Danny MacAskill & Red Bull is gonna be good. Here’s the trailer to Danny’s latest video, Epecuén – enjoy.


  • My Factory Five F550 Preview

    factory five f550

    I’ve been meaning to get out and shoot some detailed photos of my new Factory Five F550, but as some of you probably know, working for a small business is a time commitment and a half. Our shop has been so busy lately. We’re also slated to open the first indoor skatepark in Shanghai towards the end of next month, all while continuing our after-school programs and getting ready for summer camp. So yeah, things have been crazy.

    Amongst all the chaos, I’ve still been finding time to skate and have finally gotten back to shredding a bicycle daily! And damn, does it feel good to be back. Here’s a little preview shot of my latest build, the F550. Despite my limited budget, I managed to piece together a pretty decent build…especially when my goal for this bike was for it to be a sleeper.

    I took the Suzue Pro Max hubs from my Gan Well Pro, laced them up to some hard anodized H Plus Son Archetypes. In terms of drivetrain, I splurged a bit on the Factory Five lattice chainring (which I highly recommend) and fitted it to some standard black track cranks with some MKS pedals, Soma cages and All-City double straps. Up top, I’ve got a well-loved Fizik Arione saddle from my road bike, a Miche Super Type seat post, Ritchey WCS stem, Truvativ risers and a VP headset. It’s a pretty solid build and I’m very happy with the ride so far. Stay tuned for some detailed shots and if you’re in Shanghai and want to ride hit me up!


  • Shanghai Files 2

    We’ve been keeping busy skating and filming here in Shanghai and just finished our latest edit, Shanghai Files 2. The past three months here has really flown by; skating everyday, meeting new people and exploring. But, it’s killed me to not ride a bicycle for the majority of my time here. Good news though: I just finished building up my Factory 5 F550 about a week ago and have been shredding every day! Stay tuned for some photos in the next couple of days. In the meantime, check out some Shanghai skateboarding!


  • Introducing Wraith Handmade Road and Cross Frames

    wraith fabrications bicycles

    You probably know Adam Eldridge from Stanridge Speed and the number of winning track bikes he’s built over the years. Well, Adam is pioneering a new project and expanding his repertoire with Wraith Fabrication, focusing on road & cyclocross frames. Make sure to have a look at the Hustle Road Frame and the Paycheck Cross frame!

    Adam Eldridge started building high performance custom bikes 5 years ago in Columbus, Ohio. His bikes have stood at the top step of the podium at the Red Hook Crit, as well as numerous road and cross events around the country. Wraith Fabrications is a new project, removing the barriers and obstacles for many customers. The wait time is gone, shipping is free, fit is free and stock sizing allows us to hand produce the frames with best possible Columbus tubing. We’re building these amazing machines right here in the USA and offering them for a fraction of the cost of not only upper tier far east pacific production steel frames but also every other made in the USA bespoke production frame made from comparable steel.

    “We want to have fun. Shred. It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you’re on. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. Our machines are made here in the USA by hand. We’re celebrating the brotherhood. It’s about the ride. It’s about getting more folks on a crazy nice frame. We want to see where you ride. We want to hear about your adventures. It’s an honest, sincere desire to fit folks on the best bikes possible. No over design, just simple items made from the best materials available”. – Adam Eldridge – Owner of Wraith Fabrications –

    Both Road and Cross models are available, The road frame is complete Columbus Life with upgraded Life S-bend stays. The CX main triangle is Life and the stays are Zona S-bend. Both bikes include the newly released Columbus FEL 1.5 in tapered forks. Triple butted where its counts, Sexy where it matters, no corners are being cut in production. Closer examination revels industry firsts, such as, the specific bespoke aluminum internal cups in the Head tube. The price reflects Wraith’s commitment to the customer and not the margin, other brands charge twice as much for a similar frame. We are removing the ego and putting the rider first, building a production bike that performs all day long and performs like the custom bike built just for you.

    For more info, and to keep up with Adam & his projects:



  • Cyclocross Component Specialist Retroshift Re-Brands as Gevenalle

    Some exiting news from the folks formerly known as Retroshift:
    Cyclocross component maker Retroshift is changing it’s name and face to Gevenalle, and introducing an expanded and updated product line. Gevenalle, derived from two dutch words and translates to “Give All” reflecting the brands commitment to creating innovative and performance enhancing shifting solutions for cyclocross. The name change comes as the brand launches Hydraulic Shift Levers and Cassette Adapters both designed to address the specific needs of shifting in the mud and dirt. All Gevenalle products undergo testing in a race atmosphere before being brought to market.

    “Gevenalle products are the result of a love for cyclocross and desire to offer innovative and problem solving solutions for the sport that road components don’t quite meet. Our products are geared toward the cross racer looking to improve his/her performance with race parts built to better meet their requirements. “We are offering affordable, after market components that better meet the requirements of the muddy carnage we call cyclocross”. -Adam Clement (Founder of Gevenalle).

    See more on their new products below!


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