I’m still alive!


So sorry for the lack of action here as of late, I’ve been working nonstop at my new job here in Shanghai. Over the last month and a half, we’ve been hammering to get our new indoor skate park ready for an event this past Sunday with special guest, Andy Macdonald.

Transforming a bottling warehouse to a skateable space in just one month is no easy task, and the 7 day weeks definitely beat me up. So again, my apologies for dropping the ball here! I’m not that upset though, because I got to put on a demo with Andy Macdonald on Sunday and never in a million years would have expected to not only meet, but also be skating alongside such a legend.

Anyway, stay tuned throughout the week as I’ve built up a backlog of things to share…and thanks so much for the continued support.

The photo above was taken on a pedestrian overpass while walking to Factory 5. Oh yeah, I’ll probably have a bicycle built up by the end of the week! Not riding has been killing me. I’ll definitely post up some photos once the build is complete – stay tuned.