Cyclocross Component Specialist Retroshift Re-Brands as Gevenalle

Some exiting news from the folks formerly known as Retroshift:
Cyclocross component maker Retroshift is changing it’s name and face to Gevenalle, and introducing an expanded and updated product line. Gevenalle, derived from two dutch words and translates to “Give All” reflecting the brands commitment to creating innovative and performance enhancing shifting solutions for cyclocross. The name change comes as the brand launches Hydraulic Shift Levers and Cassette Adapters both designed to address the specific needs of shifting in the mud and dirt. All Gevenalle products undergo testing in a race atmosphere before being brought to market.

“Gevenalle products are the result of a love for cyclocross and desire to offer innovative and problem solving solutions for the sport that road components don’t quite meet. Our products are geared toward the cross racer looking to improve his/her performance with race parts built to better meet their requirements. “We are offering affordable, after market components that better meet the requirements of the muddy carnage we call cyclocross”. -Adam Clement (Founder of Gevenalle).

See more on their new products below!


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CX1 and CX2 Hydraulic Shifters:
The CX1 and CX2 Hydraulic Shift Levers will retail for $399 and $449 a pair, complete with calipers and rotors. The CX1 covers single chain options while the CX2 provides front and rear shifting. CX Shifters are backed by an amazing crash replacement policy, charging only 75 dollars a lever (including worldwide shipping!) to replace or repair.
  • Shimano Road Compatible 9, 10 and 11 speed
  • Available for single or double chainring set up
  • Ships with calipers and rotors (Choice 140 or 160)


  • CX2 Hydraulic with brake hose and brake calipers 850G
  • CX1 Hydraulic with brake hose and brake calipers 800g


  • CX2 Hydraulic retails for $449
  • CX1 Hydraulic retails for $399

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HOUP (Halo Of Ultimate Protection)
Also launching today is the HOUP (Halo Of Ultimate Protection) Cassette adapter. The HOUP is designed to give more clearance between the rear spokes and rear derailleur to lower the incidence of catastrophic derailleur failure that is a common occurrence in muddy Cyclocross races.. A precision cut, laser engraved spacer is inserted behind the cassette. This combined with the removal of the underutilized for Cyclocross 11 tooth cog, provides much needed extra clearance for the derailleur.  In addition to the adaptor itself, we are offering a titanium 21-24-27 spider. Combining the HOUP and spider with your existing cassette turns a mid-level cassette into an affordable high performance product. Our set up is as light as other companies highest end cassettes, for a fraction of the cost.  Retail for the HOUP adaptor is just $20 dollars, the HOUP with Titanium spider will retail for $85.

Cassette Spacers to provide additional safety margin between derailleur and spokes to lower likelihood of catastrophic failure.

  • Custom machined cassette spacers designed specifically for this purpose. 10 and 11 speed versions available.
  • Can be used singly with removal of smallest cog or doubled up by removing two smallest cogs.
  • 10 Speed Version compatible with Shimano 5700 and 6700 Cassettes.
  • 11 Speed version compatible with Shimano 6800 Cassettes (not yet tested with 5800 Cassettes).
  • Includes aluminum lockring to accommodate either 12T or 13T.
  • Titanium options includes replacement 3 ring spider with largest cogs 21-24-27T


  • 5700 standard cassette 11-28 = 250g
  • 6700 standard cassette 11-28 = 234g
  • 5700 with HOUP = 237g
  • 6700 with HOUP = 229g
  • 5700 with HOUP Ti = 195g
  • 6700 with HOUP Ti = 192g
  • for reference a Dura Ace 7900 10 Speed cassette is 188g (105 cassette plus HOUP Ti just 7g off and far more affordable and will keep derailleur safer!)


  • HOUP retails for $20
  • HOUP with Titanium Spider Retails for $85

About Gevenalle: Founded by Adam Clement in 2011 as Retroshift in Portland OR, the first product offerings were the CX1 and CX2 shifters and soon after followed by the BURD (Blatantly Upgraded Rear Derailleur) cyclocross specific derailleur. The company focus is providing solutions for cyclocross. All products are built in Portland OR using both Taiwanese and American made parts.