Hemetic Trading Co. – Kickstarter | Made in USA Backpacks & More

Some of my friends from back in Burlington have a great thing going on. As you probably know, I’m a big proponent for American-made goods; even more so when my friends are involved. Hemetic Trading Company is doing it right.

It’s well known that there are tons of brands out there pushing out products taking classic design cues from popular American brands, that catch is that they’re often adorned with a “made in China” tag. Hell, I’m more aware of it now more than ever after moving to China 3 months ago. You can literally buy a knockoff of anything you want here, and the quality is terrible. Even worse, many of these imitations are stitch-by-stich ripping off products that took blood, sweat, tears and countless passionate hours to create.

So if you’re like me and want to support quality, honest and original products, do me a favor and help my buddies at Hemetic out over at their Kickstarter. They’re putting up some pretty amazing gifts for your support.

To show them love, head over to the Hemetic Trading Co. Kickstarter and give what you can! Keep up the amazing work guys!