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  • Best Ever Trailer – Vermont Skateboarding Video by Kyle Burroughs

    Ah man, seeing this makes me miss Vermont even more. Seriously. Kyle Burroughs – one of my good homies and a crazy talented skateboarder, is working on a full-length skate video titled “Best Ever”. It’s featuring a bunch of my buddies from back in Burlington and is set to come out at the end of October. I cannot wait to see the full video and pick up a copy for myself when I’m back home visiting. Who knows, I might even have a trick or two in it!

    Check back for more in “Best Ever” and some info on where you can pickup merch. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer and check out some more skateboarding related posts while you’re at it.


  • Blackburn Central Series Lights

    Central 100 Front Lght (1)

    blackburncentral-2 blackburncentral-3 blackburncentral

    A good set of lights for your bike is something that every regular cyclist should own. They’re just as important as a good set of tires on your commuter bike, and even more essential during the fall and winter months. The Blackburn Central 100 front and 20 rear have just been released and are looking to be a pretty promising option for keeping you safe and seen during those evening jaunts or early morning commutes. Also, they’re rechargeable via USB – so you’ll never have to fiddle with replacing batteries or running to the store for some AAA’s. Head on over to Blackburn to see the full specs on the Central 100 front and Central 20 rear.

    PS – I’m still alive. I’ve been out of town for a few days and taking a little vacation in Moganshan, China. Stay tuned for some updates and news this week as well as some photos from my trip.


  • Meet The 2014 Blackburn Rangers

    Man, this video from Blackburn has me thinking about moving back to the states and riding the Pacific Coast Highway or the Great Divide. Don’t get me wrong, Shanghai is awesome, but as I type this I’m experiencing a lingering cough that has been bothering me all morning and all of last night. The cough isn’t because I’m sick, it’s because I’m inhaling too much pollution. My coworkers in the office tell me not to worry and that it’s normal, but to me there’s nothing “normal” about it; especially moving to Shanghai from Vermont.

    Anyway, this post is about the latest Blackburn Ranger lineup for their “Out There” program which embodies the culture of adventure and give cyclists an opportunity to embark on crazy journeys along the Pacific Coast and the Great Divide. Check out the lineup of this year’s Rangers below and be sure to give this video a watch!


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  • 2014 Wolfpack Hustle Civic Center Crit Photos by Prolly


    John captured some amazing moments at this year’s 2014 Wolfpack Hustle Crit at the Civic Center in Los Angeles. This set is killer. I’m loving this shot of Marc Marino ripping a corner.

    Make sure to check out the full set over on The Radavist.


  • Static IV Now Available at Theories of Atlantis


    Holy crap. I can’t believe I’m actually writing this: Josh Stewart’s Static IV is finally available for purchase on Theories of Atlantis and man oh man, do I want a copy. I’d already have one in the mail if I still lived in the states, but being out here in China I know it’ll cost at least $40 to get this to me…bummer. Maybe I’ll just have it shipped to my folk’s place and get it around Christmas time? Either way, if you’re a skateboarder you know the kind of anticipation behind this video.

    Featuring some of my favorites like Quim Cardona, Jake Johnson, Jahmal Williams, Vivien Feil, Jimmy Lannon and Ben Gore, it’s safe to say this video will be an instant classic. If you’re interested in getting a copy, head on over to Theories of Atlantis and grab one. If you’re in Shanghai and want to split shipping on anything from TOA, hit me up:! And if you’re in Burlington and want to buy this for me as a coming home present, I’ll gladly give you $30 upon my return.


  • Folly x Bryant FaTRoB


    Man oh man, this is good. The homies over at Folly teamed up with Joshua Bryant (aka Cycles J Bryant) to create a small line of bicycles designed for whatever you can dish out. These are definitely the definition of a #getradmachine. The FaTRoB lineup includes three frames with three wheel sizes: 700c, 650b and 26″ and have clearances for tires up to 45c (or 1.9″). Huge congrats to you guys – these are some incredible made in the USA machines. Head on over to the Folly Bigcartel for more info!


  • Boreas & MASH

    Boreas-x-Mash1 MG_4194_grande

    If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know I’m a big supporter of Boreas Gear. I’ve been using a few of their bags for years back in Burlington, including the Bootlegger and the Lagunitas. I also love the dudes out at MASH. When I was out in SF last June, Mike and I were talking about how awesome the Boreas stuff is, so seeing this collaboration couldn’t have me any more hyped. Up top, you’ve got the Boreas MASH Race Day back pack which accommodates a cool 50 liters followed by the Larkin Day backpack, the perfect piece to carry your daily sundries and more.

    Head on over to MASH for all the details and to scoop one of these up. I wish I was back in the states so I could snag one! Also, stay tuned for a video review of the Bootlegger (of which I meant to post ages ago).


  • Cannondale & Death Spray Custom 2014 TDF Bicycles

    2014 Tour de France - Cannondale Custom Bikes

    Death Spray Custom teamed up with Cannondale this season to create their lineup of 2014 Tour De France bicycles and man, do they look good. Each bicycle is even personalized with their rider’s spirit animal! See more over at DSC.