Hong Kong Holiday


I’m definitely a little late on posting these photos, but a few weeks ago I took a little last-minute solo journey to check out Hong Kong. Being so busy all summer long, I managed to take a week off before the fall (our super busy season) starts up and get out of Shanghai for a bit.

After securing a fairly cheap round-trip flight and booking a room in Causeway Bay, I was only 48 hours away from one of my best 72-hour vacations to date. Most people who visit Hong Kong for such a short period do so for visa renewals; I was just late on figuring out what to do with my week off. Oops, silly me. My trip was purely for pleasure.

I wanted to do so much during my visit, but didn’t want to bite off more than I could chew. I had plans of checking out bike shops too but just ran out of time. Next visit, I’m definitely going to go see Brian at RDFX and hopefully find someone/somewhere to lend me a bike for a few days and get a real feel for the city. Though even just being in HK for 3 days, I managed to squeeze quite a bit in and even made a few new friends.

The first day, I woke around 10:30 and made my way to the closest coffee shop, which happened to be Starbucks across the street (how convenient), and used my 30 minutes of free wifi to make my plans for the afternoon. Since I’d heard of a really awesome concrete park, and since we don’t have any real good ‘crete here in Shanghai, the first stop after properly caffeinating was to 8Five2, a skate shop a few Shanghai homies skate for.

8Five2 is a very solid shop. They just celebrated 15 years in business and definitely play a vital role in the Hong Kong skate scene. Situated right in Causeway Bay, they’ve got a cozy space on the 16th floor of Jaffee road and have a TON of gear for the space being so small.  My visit to the shop was supposed to be quick, but they ended up having a 50% off sale and even as someone whose work perks include free skate gear, I still found that I needed a few things. I grabbed a pair of Vans Era Pros, a Know1edge cap and asked how to get to TKO Skatepark.

Heading out, I thought getting to the park would be easy, but it was anything but that. I got off at the Tseung Kwan O stop, thinking that’s where TKO skatepark would be located. Boy, was I wrong. I asked a kid on the street who had some Supreme gear on thinking he’d know the way. He pointed me in the general direction and told me I’d probably have to ask someone else along the way. At this point I just wanted to skate and didn’t think I’d have much luck finding it. I decided to give it a shot anyway, skating down in the general direction he pointed me in. Next think I know, I hear someone yelling behind me and it’s the kid’s chasing after me telling me he has some time and that’d he’d walk me there. “Damn, what a nice guy” I thought.

We walked for nearly 45 minutes, chatting about our lives and I was rifling off questions trying to learn more about HK. Yuen, the friendly homie, was rifling questions right back at me, eager to learn what life in the states is like. He wants to visit at some point. He really wants to go to the Supreme store in New York City, too.

After getting to the skatepark, Yuen hung out for a minute and then had to leave to get back to work. We exchanged contact info and I skated the amazing TKO park for the afternoon. I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt to skate a concrete bowl again. I was geeking out.  I also drank a gallon of water.

After the park, I went back to room to recharge, clean up and make plans for a night on the town. I heard a lot about Lan Kwai Fong, a 3-square block of pedestrian only roads, situated on the a pretty steep hill and filled with bars and drunk people. I decided to give it a go, figuring I’d meet some people and if it sucked, I’d just walk down the street and hit another bar.

LKF is absolutely crazy. The sheer number of bars in such a small area is crazy; I had no idea where to start. Naturally, I hit a convenience store, grabbed a beer and wandered around for a while. Eventually, I was talking with this guy who was also out on a solo mission. Vincent, who’s from Indonesia, works in Hong Kong in telecommunications and frequents LFK. He’s got a wife he sees every 6 weeks or so back in Indonesia…so he parties solo a lot.

After kicking it for a minute, he buys my entrance to a club across the street and the first round of beers. I promised to get the 2nd round, but after he insisted on buying me another beer…so I bought the third round. This was the start to a long night, including more street beers, dancing with a bunch of Finnish girls and after making it back to Causeway Bay, a late-night photo mission of my temporary neighborhood.

The next day I did some touristy stuff. I started off by going to Hee Kee Fried Crab for some seafood before heading to Victoria Peak. Hee Kee was epic, but waiting in line for over an hour and a half to take the tram up to Victoria Peak was not. It was totally worth it though…100% worth it. If you go to Hong Kong, don’t miss the chance to get up the Peak.

The rest of my time was spent walking around and trying to take in the city…Hong Kong has so much character and since it’s such a small city (size-wise), everything and everyone is on top of one another. There are speakeasy’s tucked away in back alleys, only accessible if you know where the secret door is. I didn’t get the chance to visit any of these speakeasy’s, but next time I’ll make it a point to search one out.

Hong Kong is way too great of a city to only spend 3 days in. I’m happy I got the chance to visit, but now all I want to do is go back! If you’re looking to take trip to the city and have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email! I won’t likely be able to answer your questions, but I can surely point you in the direction of a party and some good fried crab.



TKO Skatepark = endless smiles.


hkcanon hongkong1sony_2-2

Victoria Peak


More Victoria Peak


I stayed in the Mini Hotel in Causeway Bay – I give it an A+. It’s decor was pretty eclectic.


Japanese Maple Leafs.

hongkong1sony-7 hongkong1sony-8

Hong Kong Skate Spots

hongkong1sony-9 hongkong1sony-10 hongkong1sony-11 hongkong1sony-12hongkong1sony-13 hongkong1sony-14 hongkong1sony-15

It was 90 degrees out and they had full-on winter suits on display.

hongkong1sony-16 hongkong1sony-17  hongkong1sony-19 hongkong1sony-20  hongkong1sony-22

Victoria Peak