CHROME PRO SERIES for Professional Messengers

NEW Chrome Pro Series Gear: Built for and Tested by Professional Bike Messengers. from Chrome Industries on Vimeo.

The folks at Chrome are always pushing the envelope and stepping their offerings up. Sure, you can always find a way to strap odd or over-sized items to your bag, but the extended cargo net on the new Pro Barrage backpack is pretty genius. I’m already a huge fan of my Barrage backpack and its cargo net; hell, I use it almost daily. Whether it’s for strapping a skateboard, stinky pair of shoes, 6 pack or whatever really…it’s nice knowing I can always carry a bit more.

The Pro Barrage is legit though. A durable roll-top backpack with a split shoulder strap, EVA foam backing and a removable PE stabilizer tray to keep those food deliveries from being squished. It’s also made in the USA. For more info, be sure to head over to Chrome Industries and learn all about the new PRO SERIES line including the Pro Chest Harness, Pro Utility Belt and Pro Accessory Pouch. Have a look at all these new products in detail below!

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