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  • The Hank Klunker Bike

    Asylum_hank_klunk_shoot-27-1 Asylum_hank_klunk_shoot-28

    Here’s a bike that’s guaranteed to get anyone stoked. Remember being a kid, wanting to go as fast as you possibly could, only to throw all your weight into the coaster brake to skid? Sometimes you’d come out unscathed, but more often (if you’re me), you’d end up with the #RubberSideUp. It didn’t matter how many times you ate it, you’d still pick that hunk of steel back up, throw your leg over it and pedal on. At least I did. I’d beat the living shit out of my coaster brake bikes, and that’s exactly what the guys at Hank Bike want you do to with their klunker-style, coaster brake mountain bike.

    This thing is engineered for good times and comes equipped with disc tabs, in case you get a bad idea like running it in a sanctioned mountain bike race. It’s also available in any color you want, as long as that color is raw steel or metallic purple.

    Six hundred and fifty B’s, a 73mm BB and the 1 1/8″ steerer will have you tracking like “Jay Springsteen on a handful of bennies.” Head over and say “what’s up” to Hank. If I were still living stateside, I’d already have one of these on the way.

  • Trails to Shred: North Umpqua Trail, Oregon

    North Umpqua Trail

    Attention Oregon: you should go shred North Umpqua Trail. While I’ve never made it to Oregon, I know it’s only a matter of time before I pay the good ole’ northwest a visit. I’ve spend some time in Seattle and absolutely loved it, so I know a stint in Portland is on the horizon, especially being that so many of my friends have migrated there.

    Adventure Journal just posted a little feature on the North Umpqua trails which has me beyond excited to get back on the mountain bike next week (I’ll be visiting the USA for a whole month!). Starting near Maidu Lake (aka the NUT), you’ve got 79 miles of rolling singletrack which is broken into 11 smaller sections; so either tackle a few parts or more if you’re really feeling it.

    So Oregon friends – who’s been here and is it worth a trip? I already know the answer to the second question, so scratch that.

  • Factory Five: Jeff’s Transcontinental Bike


    Jeff over at Factory Five will be taking part in the Transcontinetnal Race (TCR) this year and just shared his setup on the F5 blog. The homies at F5 went all-in on this build, holding nothing back. Head over to to Factory Five and maybe you’ll get to check this beauty out in person! Since you’re most likely not in Shanghai, you’ll just have to head over to the Factory Five blog for a closer look.

  • SABATOGE4 Promo

    As far as “promos” for videos go, this one from the Philly-based crew, SABATOGE is one of the best I’ve seen in a while. I mean, everything SABATOGE puts out is always top-notch, but this promo has been on repeat for me all week. I gave it a quick watch last night before skating and successfully filmed 3 clips, all off the lingering hype from this promo. That hasn’t happened for me in a while…

    Featuring Ishod Wair, Brian Douglas,Jon Hadley, Juan Algora, Josh Kalis, Mark Suciu, Walker Ryan, Jamal Smith, Tore Bevivino, Joey O’Brien and a full part from Dylan Sourbeer. Get ready for SABATOGE4 coming 9/11/2015.

  • Table Talk, Episode 2: Geoff McFetridge

    Incase you missed Monster Children’s Table Talk, Episode 2 featuring Geoff McFetridge, here it is. Hosted by Chris Pastras, this short will take you through Geoff’s studio and give you a little insight into his creative process. Don’t ‘miss this one!

  • Paul Klamper Mechanical Disc Brakes


    Finally! While I’ve never had issues with BB7s, I’ve always wanted to see Paul take on a mechanical disc caliper, and well, it’s actually happened.

    Nearly 20 prototypes later, we have the Paul Kramper disc caliper body. A few notable features separating the Krampers from the rest of the bunch include: larger ball bearings to help increase smoothness and pad travel, hardened steel pins locating the pad actuator, hardened steel contact area between the balls and ramps as well as a flat needle roller thrust bearing as opposed to a plastic thrust washer.

    I myself have mostly kept my mountain bikes equipped with hydraulic brakes, but only due to EP pricing I was fortunate to have access to in the past. I haven’t setup a new mountain bike in years, but if I were to build up a mountain bike tomorrow, I’d definitely look to a set of Klampers. I’m so over bleeding brakes. Plus, I’m more likely keep a set of quality mech’s perfectly dialed.

  • Ellipsis Workshop – Deimantas Persuit


    Calling this bike “wild” would be an epic understatement. During one of my big-wave internet surfing blackholes the other night, I came across the Flickr account for a Saint-Petersburg, Russia based framebuilder, known as Ellipsis Workshop. While so many bikes on the Ellipsis Flickr caught my eye, none had me thrown as the Deimantas album.

    This pursuit bike is constructed of Columbus megatubes and Columbus MAX tubes and features a custom steastay bridge and a suprematism paint scheme. Suprematism refers to a Russian art movement, loosely based around various geometric shapes, such as squares, circles, lines and rectangles; all painted in a set range of colors.

    Give this thing a better look below, and be sure to visit the Ellipsis Flickr for more.

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  • Dime X Alltimers

    This right here is pure gold. The geniuses at Dime & Alltimers know that sex sells, so they’ve created the first ever skateboard specifically designed for girls to ride. After running preliminary tests on a number of female subjects, research proven their hypothesis to be correct. Ryan Gosling on a skateboard is an obvious win.