Ellipsis Workshop – Deimantas Persuit


Calling this bike “wild” would be an epic understatement. During one of my big-wave internet surfing blackholes the other night, I came across the Flickr account for a Saint-Petersburg, Russia based framebuilder, known as Ellipsis Workshop. While so many bikes on the Ellipsis Flickr caught my eye, none had me thrown as the Deimantas album.

This pursuit bike is constructed of Columbus megatubes and Columbus MAX tubes and features a custom steastay bridge and a suprematism paint scheme. Suprematism refers to a Russian art movement, loosely based around various geometric shapes, such as squares, circles, lines and rectangles; all painted in a set range of colors.

Give this thing a better look below, and be sure to visit the Ellipsis Flickr for more.

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