Trails to Shred: North Umpqua Trail, Oregon

North Umpqua Trail

Attention Oregon: you should go shred North Umpqua Trail. While I’ve never made it to Oregon, I know it’s only a matter of time before I pay the good ole’ northwest a visit. I’ve spend some time in Seattle and absolutely loved it, so I know a stint in Portland is on the horizon, especially being that so many of my friends have migrated there.

Adventure Journal just posted a little feature on the North Umpqua trails which has me beyond excited to get back on the mountain bike next week (I’ll be visiting the USA for a whole month!). Starting near Maidu Lake (aka the NUT), you’ve got 79 miles of rolling singletrack which is broken into 11 smaller sections; so either tackle a few parts or more if you’re really feeling it.

So Oregon friends – who’s been here and is it worth a trip? I already know the answer to the second question, so scratch that.