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  • A Long Afternoon With My Soma Saga 26″ Touring Bike

    soma saga-16

    Being back in the states has been such a treat…it almost felt like I’d moved back for a minute. Tomorrow I’m heading back to Shanghai for who knows how long; it’s so weird that China now feels like home to me.

    Anyway, while stateside, I got to do a bunch of stuff that I can’t easily do over in Shanghai. One of those things is explore long gravel and dirt roads on my touring bike. My Soma Saga has been my trusty and reliable ride for everything from touring to weekend getaways to simply getting lost for an afternoon.

    It’s definitely one of my favorite bikes I’ve owned. It’s certainly not pretty, nor is it hung with super fancy parts. I built this bike up on a whim a few years back after realizing I had a bunch of spare bits, making for a good excuse to exercise the old n+1 theory.

    Check out some more shots below and see for yourself just how weird of a build this is.

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  • New Factory Five Website!

    Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 1.38.09 AM

    The buddies over at Factory Five just launched a brand new website! Head on over and check it out. They’re offering FREE shipping within mainland China and international express shipping starting at just $25. For a 10% discount, just use the code: F5TENOFF .

  • Favorites: Ass Savers Folding Mud Guard


    I’m sure you’re all well-aware of these nifty folding mud guards from Ass Savers; they’re straight up awesome. There’s nothing worse than being caught in some wet conditions, riding a bike with no fenders. Sure, if you’re stuck in a downpour, these folding mud guards aren’t going to do much to keep you dry. Where they excel is on wet roads right after the rain (which happens like every other day in Shanghai).

    You might already have one of these guys if your daily rider is a track or road bike sans fenders. If you don’t have one already, I can’t give Ass Savers a stronger co-sign. Simply stick this thing in your bag (it weighs nearly nothing) and no longer will you have to worry about sporting a ‘coon stripe on the way to your next meeting or destination.

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  • Silca HX-One Hex Wrenches


    As an ex mechanic of nearly 11 years, it’s safe to say I’ll always appreciate quality tools; especially something as often-used as a set of hex wrenches. If I were still working as a full-time mechanic, I’d all over these HX-One wrenches from Silca. Not that there was anything wrong with my Pedros wrenches, I just really like that these Silca wrenches come with a 1/4” socket adapter, 6 Torx bits as well as 2 flat head and Phillips head drivers. Oh yeah, and the Beech wood box is a pretty classy touch too.

    Get yours directly from Silca here: SILCA HX1 Tool Drive Kit with Wood Box

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  • The Best Loaner Bike Ever: Budnitz No. 1 Rohloff


    This is probably the best loaner bike I’ve ever ridden. I mean, as far as riding to the bar and putzing around Burlington for a week, this thing is like bringing a sub-machine gun to a knife fight.

    Most of the time I’m more than happy to be riding a friend’s beater; however, when your good friend and Culture Cycles OG cohort happens to work for a brand designing titanium, belt-driven city bikes, a beater ends up being a Rohloff-equipped city ripper.

    This bike goes! Sure, I’d ridden a handful of Budnitz Bicycles over the past couple years; I kind of knew what to expect. But, after exclusively riding an aluminum track bike for the last few months, having gears and a more forgiving titanium frame had me cheesing all week; and wheelying A LOT.

    Anyway, this isn’t meant to be a review, it’s more of a strong shoutout to Hunt and the homies back in Burlington. Thanks for the good times and hospitality! I’m already looking forward to getting back to the states and seeing everyone!

    Have a closer look at the best loaner bike ever below. If you were hoping for a review, check out the Budnitz 650b mountain bike I was shredding almost 2 years ago.

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