Damn, I need to get me a pair of these.

The past few weeks it’s seemed like we’ve been hit with endless rain here in Shanghai. I think we’ve had rain at some point throughout the day for the last 12 days straight…not that I’m counting or anything. Back in the states I was spoiled with a dedicated commuter bike, outfitted with full fenders, a super long mud flap and mechanical disc brakes; so I would wake up and welcome the weather with open arms.

Out here in Shanghai with a brakeless track bike, 20ish kilometers of daily commuting and a missing Ass Saver (where’d I put that thing?), venturing out in the pouring rain takes a bit more pre-prep. So, instead of buying a set of Raceblades and wearing a rain jacket, I’ve decided to further assimilate myself and wear a full-on fredsuit on the rainy days.

The fluorescent orange suit is amazing in terms of staying dry and visible, however, my feet still get soaking wet. It’s not really an issue since I have a nearly endless supply of thrashed skate shoes, it’s more of an inconvenience carrying extra shoes and socks everyday.

So, seeing the latest waterproof shoes from DZR got me pretty excited. I’m hoping to give these guys a go (if only I could find them available in China), as I’ve loved the last couple pairs of DZR shoes I’ve tried. Anyone out there already using the DZR H20‘s?