Donhou Bicycles – Rapha + Liberty Road Bike


Perhaps you’ve already seen this beauty from Donhou Bicycles, but if not, then you’re in for a real treat.  The Rapha + Liberty is a true gem.

This road bike was built with the idea of making a thoroughbred of a bicycle; something possessing high levels of shreddability with the comfortable glove-like fit that comes with a custom handbuilt bicycle.

Composed of Columbus Spirit and HSS tubes, this fillet-brazed frame is outfitted with a Dura-Ace drivetrain and built up with with ENVE rims, cockpit and seatpost. While this is a dream build in my mind, my eyes can’t help but fixate on the paint…

Have a closer look at this beauty below.

 donhou-bicycles-liberty-colab-02 donhou-bicycles-liberty-colab-03 xdonhou-bicycles-liberty-colab-08donhou-bicycles-liberty-colab-09