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  • Brooks England’s 150th Birthday Celebration: Dashing Bikes


    This year, Brooks England is celebrating their 150th birthday…which is incredible if you ask my. There aren’t many companies in cycling that have been around that long, especially without changing too much.

    To celebrate their 150th anniversary, Brooks has teamed up with a number of bicycle builders from all over the world to work on their interpretation of “Brooks Bicycle”, creating a project called Dashing Bikes. These bicycles will be produced in limited numbers and sold worldwide.

    The theme uniting all these bicycles is “copper”. Copper is elegant, versatile and is almost synonymous with the Brooks name.

    Pictured here is a Canyon Bicycles commuter. Learn more about this project on the Brooks England Blog.

  • Blackburn Grid 13 Multitool


    A multi-tool is one of those “buy nice or buy twice” items. Buy a cheap one, and it’ll let you down when you need it most (the farther you are away from home, the more likely).

    While I don’t personally own a Blackburn Grid 13, I’m a huge fan of Blackburn’s gear and had to pass this release along. With 13 tools packed into a small and portable body, it’s sure to get you through whatever trail/road side mishaps you might have. Oh, and it’s under 20 bucks.

    Features include:

    • “L” Bend to get into tight places
    • hex
    • 2.5mm hex
    • 1.5mm hex
    • 3mm hex
    • 5mm hex
    • 6mm hex
    • 8mm hex
    • Flathead screwdrivers
    • T30 Torx
    • T25 Torx
    • Disc pad spreader
    • Presta core remover
    • Bonus: Bottle opener

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  • North St. Bags – Scout Duffel Series


    Being someone who’s always on the move, I can appreciate a good bag…especially a duffel bag. The Portland-based buys at North St Bags just released their latest series of bags, the Scout Duffel series. Designed for life on the road, these bags are made in the USA of 1000 denier Cordura and lined with a X-Pac Waterproof Liner. They’re designed to withstand whatever you dish out, yet are perfect as a daily carry. Whether you’re heading out on a family vacation or rolling to work on your bike, the North St Scout Duffel is ideal. I’ll hopefully be getting one of these guys to put through the paces, so be on the lookout for a review in the upcoming months.

    In the meantime, get a closer look at this bag’s details below.

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  • Affinity Anthem Track Bike

    Affinity Cycles Anthem hero FFWD

    I’ve always been a fan of what the guys over at Affinity Cycles have been doing. Not only are they pushing track bikes and urban cycling, they also look out for their city, raising money for Rockaway Beach after the NYC storms alongside the Wu Tang Clan, sponsoring both local and national track racers and supporting the Red Hook Crit.

    I’m excited to share the Affinity Anthem track bike. It’s the latest bike from Affinity and it’s made in Brooklyn! A lot of heads were put together in the making of this frame…The design comes from Jason Gallacher of Affinity and is built by Thomas Callahan of Horse Cycles. All materials have been USA sourced as it’s composed of True Temper OX Platinum steel. The proprietary seat post wedge was co designed by Aaron Panone of 44rn. The paint was done in house by Ben Falcon paint works and is available in Bubble Gum Blue and Metal Grey.

    If you’re interested in one of these bad boys, head over to the Affinity Cycles Anthem page and be sure to checkout some detailed shots below.

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  • OFFICIAL Park Rangers – John Cardiel

    This is awesome. John Cardiel riding from Sacramento CA to Yosemite National Forest over 3 days.

    All hail Cardiel!



  • Bishop Mixte


    If you’ve been hanging around these pages for a while, you know I’m a big geek for Chris Bishop’s work; road bikes, track bikes and now a mixte have graces these pages of this site. There is so much thought put into each frame and build. The attention to detail on everything he touches is remarkable.

    The latest build features Chris’s signature thin-filed lugs and tasteful paint, along with an Alfine setup and some choice components (the Moon Units fit perfectly).  Anyway, you’ll have to get a closer look at this mixte from Bishop Bikes below… Continue reading “Bishop Mixte” »

  • Necessities: My Cetma 5-Rail Front Rack

    cobi_kleiber-6cetma 5 rail front rack

    If there’s one piece of equipment that’s really changed my bicycle’s capabilities, it’s the 5 Rail Front Rack from Cetma. Since adding one to my Factory Five F550 about a year ago, I can confidently say that my life has improved; especially  when it comes to grocery shopping and heading out on skate missions. I spend 3-4 days a week out skating and filming, getting the worst back pains from carrying a heavy camera bag all day while skating. Since getting myself a Cetma rack, I’ll now simply strap my board and Chrome Niko bag to the rack using bungee cords and roll from spot to spot. Not only is my back much happier, I arrive at each spot with a head start on warming up. I also no longer have to deal with dragging all my gear through the metro.

    With summer right around the corner, the 5-rail rack will be getting even more use. During the winter months, I don’t really mind carrying a backpack as it keeps me a bit warmer. Though in the warmer weather, my stance on backpacks is the opposite; I avoid them at all costs even though I end up carrying the same amount of gear. When you’re already getting sweaty from riding the last thing you want is extra weight and sweat on your back. The solution? Strap whatever you’re carrying to the rack and cruise in comfort!

    The Cetma 5-Rail is a breeze to install and remove as well. In the time it takes to change a tube, you can either install or remove your rack…though I just keep mine on at all times. If your main ride is lacking cargo carrying capabilities and don’t want to go the pannier/rack route (or your frame is lacking the eyelets), then you should take a good look at the offerings from Cetma.

  • ABUS Brooklyn Chain A.P.

    When you live in a city like Shanghai (or any large city for that matter), you know the importance of having a quality lock. Thieves thrive on opportunity; so don’t give them much of one in the first place! German lock maker ABUS just released their Brooklyn Chain – a burly-as-hell chain that’s nearly impossible to cut. If you’re one of the many people asking me for lock recommendations, then be sure to check out the ABUS Brooklyn Chain.