Islabikes Launches Pro Series Premium Children’s Bikes

Islabikes pro series kids bikes


Man, these aren’t your everyday kid’s bikes that’s for sure. While I don’t have any kids myself and don’t plan to, I can definitely appreciate that the folks at Islabikes are doing. I’m happy to share the release of the Islabikes Pro Series range with you all.

When I was a youth, the first bike I got that really had a pivotal effect on me was the Gary Fisher Joshua 24″. I was already obsessed with riding before getting this bike, but the Joshua was what inevitably led me to my first job at a bike shop.

You see, I rode the piss out of that bike and eventually broke the rear triangle. When I broke it, I remember taking it to the local shop and figuring they’d just order me a replacement rear triangle. Well, this wasn’t the case…they were actually able to set me up with a 100% brand new complete bike! I couldn’t have been more excited and was even lucky enough to get a job at that bike shop the week after my 14th birthday.

Anyway, this post isn’t about me, it’s about the Islabikes Pro Series for children. I guess what I’m getting at is this: kids remember the bikes of their youth, regardless of how rad or not rad they are. If your kid has that twinkle in his/her eye and is destined to shred for life, have a look at the latest from Islabikes!

Get a closer look at their offerings below.


Luath Pro Series

Ideal for the cyclocross enthusiast and budding racer, the Luath Pro Series is optimized in both fit and performance. The Luath inspires confidence thanks to a long wheel base and slightly slack head angle which helps keep the bike stable. The geometry of the frame has been optimized to keep the smaller rider centered, in control, and efficient. This includes a steeper seat tube angle to further assist with reach for smaller arms. The Luath Pro Series is designed with child specific drop handlebars that measure just 22.2mm in diameter.


  • Steep seat tube angle for keep weight central
  • Super low Q-Factor Islabikes cranks
  • Child specific drop handlebars (22.2mm diameter on Luath 24 and 26)
  • In house designed tires proportional to each model and meet all UCI regulations when paired with Stans rims.
  • Tubeless compatible
  • 185TPI construction

555  Cnoc Pro Series

The Cnoc Pro Series perfectly illustrates Islabikes’ approach to holistic design.  With the exception of chain, bottom bracket and hubs, every element of this bike has been custom designed and manufactured by Islabikes. A 7005 aluminum frame and proprietary full carbon fork keeps weight low while offering excellent steering agility. Further weight savings come from Islabikes’ custom tires which feature a very supple 185TPI construction. Customized tread pattern provides fast and grippy performance for lighter riders.  The Cnoc 16 Pro Series is intended for sanctioned racing only.


  • Proprietary Full Carbon Fork
  • 7005 aluminum frame
  • Nearly all components designed and manufactured by Islabikes (Excluding chain, bottom bracket, and hubs)
  • Proprietary 25.4 full carbon seatpost
  • Islabikes custom tires featuring 185TPI construction
  • Hollow titanium bottom bracket
  • Sealed cartridge bearings in bottom bracket


Creig Pro Series

The Creig Pro Series is a lightweight MTB that is ready to tackle even the most advanced single track. Built with smaller riders in mind, both the geometry and component choices maximize the ride quality for the young shredder. With Rockshox 30 Gold TK forks, the Creig Pro Series comes with Stans NoTube Rims in all wheel sizes meaning these bikes can be run tubeless with the Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires.


  • Rockshox 30 Gold TK Forks
  • 24 and 26 inch Wheel sizes
  • Stans NoTube Rims
  • Cross Country Geometry
  • Proprietary Low Q-Factor cranks for pedaling ergonomics & efficiency
  • Low Bottom Bracket


Beinn Pro Series

Smaller riders get their shot at the mountain with the Beinn Pro Series. The Beinn 20 Pro Series features an in-house designed full carbon fiber fork, a custom 9-speed SRAM cassette to help manage all terrains with even-spaced gearing and optimized chain line.


  • Islabike proprietary full carbon fiber fork
  • Low spoke count / aluminum nipples reduce rotating weight
  • Wide ratio SRAM cassette to manage all terrain and reduce chain wear and improve alignment.
  • Avid DB5 Hydraulic Disk Brakes
  • Proprietary tires
  • Stans Rims