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  • CHROME PRO SERIES for Professional Messengers

    NEW Chrome Pro Series Gear: Built for and Tested by Professional Bike Messengers. from Chrome Industries on Vimeo.

    The folks at Chrome are always pushing the envelope and stepping their offerings up. Sure, you can always find a way to strap odd or over-sized items to your bag, but the extended cargo net on the new Pro Barrage backpack is pretty genius. I’m already a huge fan of my Barrage backpack and its cargo net; hell, I use it almost daily. Whether it’s for strapping a skateboard, stinky pair of shoes, 6 pack or whatever really…it’s nice knowing I can always carry a bit more.

    The Pro Barrage is legit though. A durable roll-top backpack with a split shoulder strap, EVA foam backing and a removable PE stabilizer tray to keep those food deliveries from being squished. It’s also made in the USA. For more info, be sure to head over to Chrome Industries and learn all about the new PRO SERIES line including the Pro Chest Harness, Pro Utility Belt and Pro Accessory Pouch. Have a look at all these new products in detail below!

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  • Chef’s Skate Plaza Vermont – Blotto Photto

    kyle burroughs

    If you’ve ever been to Vermont and know a thing or two about skateboarding, you’re familiar with the scarcity of skate spots. Between the brutal winters and the topography of the city, you’re pretty hard-pressed to find a decent plaza to skate, let alone some smooth concrete.

    Chef, a lifelong skateboarder and construction extraordinaire, built a little skate plaza just south of Burlington about 7 years ago. This summer a bunch of my buddies back home took a few trips to skate Chef’s plaza and Blotto went along to document the sessions.

    Blotto also wrote a pretty solid piece over at Manfrotto, so you’ll have to head over there to see more photos of this plaza and get the scoop. While you’re at it, make sure to have a look at some of Blotto’s photos.

  • Macneil Borato V2 – Duncan’s Dinosaurs


    This is absolutely killer. Not only is every little piece on this Macneil Borato V2 stripped, modified or customized in some way, the custom paint/decal job is out of this world. Each dinosaur was cut our of a water-transfer decal and the headbadge was custom designed and CNC milled out of copper.

    Head on over to Vital BMX for the rest of the photos and specs!


  • Machines for Freedom Dot Print Jersey

    machines for freedom

    It’s great seeing more and more stylish kits being made specifically for women. I just stumbled upon MACHINES FOR FREEDOM through Elcyclista and am very impressed with their current fall collection, especially the Dot Print Jersey. The GeoFloral jersey is pretty rad too.


  • MTB Project – Trail Finder App


    mtb project

    Man, how did I not hear about this?

    The MTB Project is a website and mobile app that allows you to find trails in your area through your phone’s location. I can’t even begin to describe how much I miss mountain biking right now, but for all my friends back home who live in mtg-friendly regions, you should give this app a look.

    It’s all user-generated, so it’s steadily growing, but currently has over 34,000 miles of trail with carefully curated photos and video to accompany the maps. You can also share trails with friends and even find the best viewpoints and points of attraction.

    Be sure to head on over to the MTB Project and give this a look!


  • The Starmac – #MADERADBYTONY


    Photo: Carson Blume Photography

    This is superb. Here’s a 2015 Specialized S-Works Tarmac Disc, custom painted by Tony Baumann. He spent over 30 hours on this bike between the prepping, decaling and painting; my oh my is it insane.

    via The Radavist

    If you’re looking to get some custom paint like this, shoot Tony an email.



    I’ve been meaning to share this video for a while. Kristian Kvam Hansen, a buddy and skate homie of mine out here in Shanghai, made this amazing video titled “Panoramic” that showcases the small, strong and growing skateboard community here. There may be over 25 million people in this city, but if you ride a skateboard I bet you’ll recognize most of the faces in this video.


  • Brooklyn Machine Works – Gangsta Track


    photos: Kim Heikkinen

    This is one fine looking Gangsta Track. I’ve always wanted a Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta Track, and still do. It’s bare bones, has solid tire-clearance and like most bikes, looks better the more you thrash it. The orange is also very becoming…

    Be sure to check out more of Kim’s photos on Flickr and more of this Gangsta Track below.


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  • FREITAG F251 Kowalski Backpack


    I’m all for simplicity; and nearly every piece I see from FREITAG just that. Simple.

    The FREITAG F251 Kowalski is a minimalist piece made out of recycled tarps that’s waterproof, durable as hell and fully adjustable. It’s about 12 liters and also includes an inner pocket to help separate your goods. Not bad.


  • New Fourstar Clothing

    1U0B3982 1U0B3991

    First off, sorry things have been sorta dormant over here. As you may know, I work quite a bit and have been doing a bunch of freelancing and side gigs…so spare time has been sparse.

    Anyway, I’ve been helping the homies out over at with a few things, one of which is wearing new gear and trying not to look super awkward. Here’s a couple shots of the new Fourstar Clothing line for this fall that we shot last week. I haven’t owned anything from Fourstar in ages, but damn…this stuff is very very nice.  If you want to see more or get your hands on some Fourstar gear in China, head on over to Skate Here.


  • PIG RODEO Featuring David Graf

    This is easily one of the raddest things I’ve seen in a while. David Graf is known as a BMX professional, but don’t think for a second that his bike control is limited to a 20″ wheel. Here’s David ripping a NICOLAI Argon Fat Bike, the complete opposite of what’s normally under him. Who said pigs can’t fly? Fat bikes are the funnest.


  • I Was A Skate Rat – Drew Miller

    It’s not everyday that a 4-minute clip leaves such an impact on me. Really. With our dwindling attention span and constant search for instant gratification, it’s hard to filter the noise and let something to speak to you.

    I’ve been a skateboarder for 17ish years now. I’ve had many skate friends come and go; sheesh, I even gave it up for 4 years during high school since most of my friends had stopped skating. I never regretted this decision (not too much) because it allowed me to race bicycles full time – another part of me I can’t let go of and never will.

    The reason I even made it to China was thanks to skateboarding. I met some of the most pivotal people in my life through mutual love for a wooden plank with urethane wheels. Seriously. I’ve traveled alone, only to come home with new friends in new places…again, thanks to skateboarding. I’ve had some of the best times out here in China with friends I can barely communicate with, all because we share a love for something bigger than all of us. I don’t mean to nerd out like this, but this short film by Drew Miller really moved me and helped me to realize how fortunate I am to have taken this path in life.

    To me, this short is more about who skateboarders are and not what they do. Skateboarders are accepting. It doesn’t matter what you look like or how you skate…it’s about the love. It’s about knowing you can go to any city and easily connect with others, even if you can’t speak the language. It’s something not many people understand or ever will. Thanks to Drew Miller for helping tell the story countless people share around the world.