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  • Paul Components Set N’ Forget Thru-Axle

    paul thru axel

    All you thru axle users out there, rejoice; Paul has created a US-made through axle quick release with an indexing head and internal cam mechanism: the Set N’ Forget thru-axle / quick release.

    The QR through axle is comfortable in any position thanks to the 12-position indexing head. So find that perfect position for your lever and forget snagging bushes, branches and other trail debris ’cause your lever will be tucked in the perfect position.

    You already know Paul Components delivers some of the best precision-engineered and crafted components in the game, so if you’re in the market for a new through axle and need the best in the game, head on over and check out the Set N’ Forget.

  • Purple Paul Components

    purple paul components

    The 80’s are calling and Paul Components picked up the phone. I’m a real sucker for bright-colored, anodized components and if you are too, hurry up and get your paws on some of these purple Paul parts before they’re gone.

    Now Available:

    Coming Soon:

    In Limited Quantities:

  • Factory Five F5 Pista Hubs & Wheelsets

    XLARGE (1)

    The guys over at Factory Five are known for not only bringing you some killer track and fixed gear bikes in Shanghai but also for developing their own line high-quality components; their world-renowned Lattice Chainring or the innovative F5 Titan 31.8 Quill Stem are perfect examples.

    So what’s the latest from Factory Five? Hubs and wheels of course, and they look damn good to boot.

    The F5 Pista Hubs are forged from 7075 aluminum, CNC finished and fitted with sealed-cartridge bearings sitting on chromoly axles. The Sherrif Staresque cutout flange is designed to distribute stress while keeping the overall weight down to just 490 grams for the set (including bolts).

    These hubs are available in 20h for the front and 24h for the rear with a flange diameter of 80mm and a BCD of 70.5. They’re up for sale no in black, silver and for a limited time, monster purple. Also, be sure to check out the F5 Pista Wheelset.

  • Factory Five F5 Titan 31.8 Quill Stem

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    The F5 Titan 31.8 quill stem from Factory Five is something I’m sure so many people out there have been waiting ages for. Have you ever started to build up an old NJS bike or lugged road bike, only to realize those drop bars you have are 31.8 and not 25.4? Well shoot, now you gotta dig up some Nitto handlebars or something to fit the 1″ quill 25.4 clamp stem you’d otherwise inevitably be using. Bummer.

    Or maybe you want to swap out the drops for some risers without having to pull off your bar tape and brake levers? This 31.8 1″ quill stem from Factory Five will save you from countless inconveniences.

    They’re under $100 and currently available in silver at 90mm. Word is that they’ll be shipping on November 30th, so head on over to Factory Five if you’re in Shanghai or grab one online!

    Check it out in greater detail below.

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  • Paul Klamper Mechanical Disc Brakes


    Finally! While I’ve never had issues with BB7s, I’ve always wanted to see Paul take on a mechanical disc caliper, and well, it’s actually happened.

    Nearly 20 prototypes later, we have the Paul Kramper disc caliper body. A few notable features separating the Krampers from the rest of the bunch include: larger ball bearings to help increase smoothness and pad travel, hardened steel pins locating the pad actuator, hardened steel contact area between the balls and ramps as well as a flat needle roller thrust bearing as opposed to a plastic thrust washer.

    I myself have mostly kept my mountain bikes equipped with hydraulic brakes, but only due to EP pricing I was fortunate to have access to in the past. I haven’t setup a new mountain bike in years, but if I were to build up a mountain bike tomorrow, I’d definitely look to a set of Klampers. I’m so over bleeding brakes. Plus, I’m more likely keep a set of quality mech’s perfectly dialed.

  • Death Spray Custom: Deadly Sins Collection

    DSC-envy-2 DSC-Gluttony-02
    If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’re well aware that I’m a huge fan of Death Spray Custom. I’ve always wanted to own a piece of his work. Hell, one time he was kind enough to sponsor the first installment of The Monster Mash and provide us with a custom-painted fork that I was forced to give to my roommate who happened to win the race that year. Yo Dan, if you’re reading this, I’m more than willing to buy that fork off you!

    Anyway, as you can imagine, getting your hands on some painted components from Adam isn’t exactly easy. Which is why he’s offering 7 uniquely painted forks for sale, for a limited time. Head on over to DSC and check out the Deadly Sins Collection! Here are a couple of my favorites so far.


  • Mike Giant & Cinelli

    The guys at recently had the pleasure of hanging out with legendary tattoo artist and illustrator, Mike Giant, out at his Colorado studio. Here’s a short where they discuss the Cinelli RAM carbon handlebar collaboration and touch on his history of working with Cinelli.

    Have a look at this short and be sure to see a few stills below.


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  • Gevenalle BURD Front Derailleur

    gevenalle front derailleur

    BURD – Blatantly Upgraded and Rebranded Derailleur. Sounds good to me. The folks at Gevenalle (formerly RetroShift) have released their latest addition to their cyclocross-specific grouppo: the BURD Front Derailleur. It’s a short cage derailleur to compliment the CX 1 and CX2 drivetrain system. Pair this up with the BURD rear derailleur and CX shifters and you’ve almost got yourself a fully ‘cross-specific group.

    The BURD front goes for $49 and comes with Gevenalle’s crash rebuild service which means for a mere $20 (including shipping), you can be back up and running should you thrash a little too hard and destroy a derailleur.

    If I raced ‘cross, I’d undoubtedly be destroying gear and definitely give these guys a look; if for nothing more than the $20 crash replacement deal. Good stuff, guys!