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  • Factory Five F5 Titan 31.8 Quill Stem

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    The F5 Titan 31.8 quill stem from Factory Five is something I’m sure so many people out there have been waiting ages for. Have you ever started to build up an old NJS bike or lugged road bike, only to realize those drop bars you have are 31.8 and not 25.4? Well shoot, now you gotta dig up some Nitto handlebars or something to fit the 1″ quill 25.4 clamp stem you’d otherwise inevitably be using. Bummer.

    Or maybe you want to swap out the drops for some risers without having to pull off your bar tape and brake levers? This 31.8 1″ quill stem from Factory Five will save you from countless inconveniences.

    They’re under $100 and currently available in silver at 90mm. Word is that they’ll be shipping on November 30th, so head on over to Factory Five if you’re in Shanghai or grab one online!

    Check it out in greater detail below.

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  • Paul Klamper Mechanical Disc Brakes


    Finally! While I’ve never had issues with BB7s, I’ve always wanted to see Paul take on a mechanical disc caliper, and well, it’s actually happened.

    Nearly 20 prototypes later, we have the Paul Kramper disc caliper body. A few notable features separating the Krampers from the rest of the bunch include: larger ball bearings to help increase smoothness and pad travel, hardened steel pins locating the pad actuator, hardened steel contact area between the balls and ramps as well as a flat needle roller thrust bearing as opposed to a plastic thrust washer.

    I myself have mostly kept my mountain bikes equipped with hydraulic brakes, but only due to EP pricing I was fortunate to have access to in the past. I haven’t setup a new mountain bike in years, but if I were to build up a mountain bike tomorrow, I’d definitely look to a set of Klampers. I’m so over bleeding brakes. Plus, I’m more likely keep a set of quality mech’s perfectly dialed.

  • Death Spray Custom: Deadly Sins Collection

    DSC-envy-2 DSC-Gluttony-02
    If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’re well aware that I’m a huge fan of Death Spray Custom. I’ve always wanted to own a piece of his work. Hell, one time he was kind enough to sponsor the first installment of The Monster Mash and provide us with a custom-painted fork that I was forced to give to my roommate who happened to win the race that year. Yo Dan, if you’re reading this, I’m more than willing to buy that fork off you!

    Anyway, as you can imagine, getting your hands on some painted components from Adam isn’t exactly easy. Which is why he’s offering 7 uniquely painted forks for sale, for a limited time. Head on over to DSC and check out the Deadly Sins Collection! Here are a couple of my favorites so far.


  • Mike Giant & Cinelli

    The guys at recently had the pleasure of hanging out with legendary tattoo artist and illustrator, Mike Giant, out at his Colorado studio. Here’s a short where they discuss the Cinelli RAM carbon handlebar collaboration and touch on his history of working with Cinelli.

    Have a look at this short and be sure to see a few stills below.


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  • Gevenalle BURD Front Derailleur

    gevenalle front derailleur

    BURD – Blatantly Upgraded and Rebranded Derailleur. Sounds good to me. The folks at Gevenalle (formerly RetroShift) have released their latest addition to their cyclocross-specific grouppo: the BURD Front Derailleur. It’s a short cage derailleur to compliment the CX 1 and CX2 drivetrain system. Pair this up with the BURD rear derailleur and CX shifters and you’ve almost got yourself a fully ‘cross-specific group.

    The BURD front goes for $49 and comes with Gevenalle’s crash rebuild service which means for a mere $20 (including shipping), you can be back up and running should you thrash a little too hard and destroy a derailleur.

    If I raced ‘cross, I’d undoubtedly be destroying gear and definitely give these guys a look; if for nothing more than the $20 crash replacement deal. Good stuff, guys!


  • Death Spray Custom: Fork You Peter Sagan

    death spray custom peter sagan fork

    I’ve got a real soft spot for candy paint. No, not because I’m a particularly loud or ostentatious (quite the opposite, actually), but because you can stare at its sparkle FOR HOURS. Okay, maybe not that long…but you get the point. DSC has been on a tear lately and this fork specially painted for the Peter Sagan and Cannondale is nothing short of spectacular.

    More from Death Spray Custom


  • Paul Powerglide Rear Derailluer Sells For Over $1,000


    Holy crap! I’ve spent many a days drooling over the Paul Powerglide only to realize I’d never have the cash to splurge on such a component. Well, this derailleur recently sold for over $1,000 on eBay and the folks over at Bike Mag did a great job of explaining why.

    Make sure to check out the article on Bike Mag.


  • Cyclocross Component Specialist Retroshift Re-Brands as Gevenalle

    Some exiting news from the folks formerly known as Retroshift:
    Cyclocross component maker Retroshift is changing it’s name and face to Gevenalle, and introducing an expanded and updated product line. Gevenalle, derived from two dutch words and translates to “Give All” reflecting the brands commitment to creating innovative and performance enhancing shifting solutions for cyclocross. The name change comes as the brand launches Hydraulic Shift Levers and Cassette Adapters both designed to address the specific needs of shifting in the mud and dirt. All Gevenalle products undergo testing in a race atmosphere before being brought to market.

    “Gevenalle products are the result of a love for cyclocross and desire to offer innovative and problem solving solutions for the sport that road components don’t quite meet. Our products are geared toward the cross racer looking to improve his/her performance with race parts built to better meet their requirements. “We are offering affordable, after market components that better meet the requirements of the muddy carnage we call cyclocross”. -Adam Clement (Founder of Gevenalle).

    See more on their new products below!


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