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  • SVENNESS 4.2

    Yup, this is pretty incredible.

    Koksijde aka Duinencross is one of the most well-known ‘cross races in the world. It’s something that every cyclocross racer dreams of racing and winning. It dates back fo 1969, where 4-time Pari-Roubaix winner Roger De Vlaeminick was the first champion.

    Now grab yourself some popcorn, a cold beer and enjoy this video put together by CXHairs.

  • The Cinder Cone

    This right here is what I’ve been dreaming about since I was a kid. I’d always be building tree houses in the woods and skate ramps in the driveway, and here I am nearly 20 years later, still trying to do the same thing (No trees or driveways in Shanghai makes this difficult).

    During the spring of 2014, a group of close friends got together and started this project out in Skamania County, Washington. They’ve dubbed the multi-platform treehouse, wood-fired hot tub and skate  bowl as The Cinder Cone. It’s home to Foster Huntington, with one tree house being his home and the other, his studio. Some old friends of mine put helped film this short documentary (via Farm League), showing just what it takes to create paradise.

    Be sure to learn more about this year-long project by checking out Foster’s personal site: A Restless Transplant and help fund The Cinder Cone book on Kickstarter.

    Process photos below.

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  • The Bicycle City Trailer

    The Bicycle City. Trailer from Greg Sucharew on Vimeo.

    A film showing just how useful bicycles can be for personal mobility in an impoverished and developing nation; personal mobility is key for growth!

    “What happens to an impoverished developing nation town when you flood it with 20,000 bicycles? You lift three times that number of people out of poverty. Pedals for Progress and founder David Schweidenback have been shipping used American bicycles to Rivas, Nicaragua for the last two decades and the transformation has been incredible.”

    Help fund the film here.

    The Bicycle City Film



  • BÖIKZMÖIND Trailer


    Here’s a little teaser from , a documentary coming out in August about riding fixed gear bicycles in Bristrol. These dudes seem like they’re having a great time on their bikes! It’d be nice to put a little something together in Burlington this summer right? Just wait and see.

    Check out their website here.


  • Life Cycles – Documentary from Justin Derry on Vimeo.

    Our friends Justin Derry, William Babcock, and Chris Tremblay did a documentary on what it’s like to ride in Burlington and show the passion of cyclists here.

    This is a short documentary on the bicycle community in Burlington, VT and three of the cyclists who support it. These cyclists are:
    Chris Norris – A bike mechanic and college student who recently started a blog called Culture Cycles. He and Brian Kleiber co-founded this blog in an effort to weave the community together by establishing a central hub that encapsulates the entire spectrum of cycling.
    Hubert d’Autremont – A small business owner who has just recently setup shop in an artist collective warehouse building hand-built bicycle frames.
    Glenn Eames – The owner and founder of The Old Spokes Home in Burlington, VT. The Old Spokes home is a unique shop that prides itself on honoring the history of cycling and on creating an environment that is welcoming to all.

    Their passion and commitment to cycling as a life style is what fueled this documentary. Thank you.

    This documentary was created for the 2010 Champlain College Documentary class led by Professor Gordon Glover.

    Directors: Justin Derry, Chris Tremblay, and William Babcock.
    Camera: Canon 7D

  • photos: Norris/Kleiber

    Chris with words and descriptive hand motions
    Me, pre-questioning.

    Chris and I were interviewed Monday night for our friend’s documentary on cycling in Burlington. It should be finished up by the end of April, so stay tuned!