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  • The Cam Critic Interviewed Me

    mash sf elliott zelinskas

    By buddy Brandon recently launched a site that’s all about photography, videography and cameras. So far, he’s done a few camera reviews and comparisons and has conducted a couple interviews with my buddy Theo Paul Santana as well as Steve Peer of Phottix.

    About a month ago he reached out to me for an interview. Flattered, I graciously obliged and sent some words his way – check it out on The Cam Critic.

    Thanks BK!

  • Grant Petersen: Buck The Race!


    Huck Magazine has a great interview with Grant Petersen up right now that I’d highly suggest checking out. If you’re not familiar with Grant, he’s the founder of Rivendell and cut his teeth as the marketing director for Bridgestone throughout the 80s and 90s. Grant talks about making the bicycle accessible and fun for everyone; it’s not all about racing and lycra in his eyes. And while I’ll normally ‘kit up’ for most rides, I fully support his stance here. Get on a bike, pedal, and have fun! Don’t miss the interview!


  • Fly or Die: Massan Fluker

    massan fluker

    Ever since I first saw Massan riding (via web edit), I not only became extremely inspired…but also scared for the dude’s life. The man’s riding with an angel on his shoulder for sure, and if you didn’t know any better you might think he’s out on a death-wish, but that certainly isn’t the case. This guy is the epitome of fluid control and emulates the rider all of us on track bikes strive to be.

    Anyway, the folks at Western Civ Magazine caught up with Mr. Fluker and got him to answer a few questions, see what he’s got to say here.

    Hmm, I think I’ll ride my track bike to work.


  • 10 Questions with Liam Griffin

    Liam Griffin

    You may have already read this quick interview Maglianero conducted with Liam – but in-case you haven’t, be sure to read up on a Burton Snowboards legend and creator of this year’s 4th annual Great Turkey Chase by following me to the Maglianero Blog.

    For those who aren’t familiar, the Great Turkey Chase has been an alleycat-style food drive and bike ride for the warm-hearted cyclists of Burlington, VT.  It’s coming up this Saturday so make sure to RSVP here!


  • Rapha: Interview with Jeremy Powers

    Jeremy Powers Rapha

    Read up on Jeremy Powers, the newest member of the  Rapha | Focus ‘cross team.

    “Jeremy Powers, or JPow as he is regularly known, is the latest rider to join Rapha Focus, Rapha and Focus Bike’s fledgling pro cyclocross outfit. Jeremy is an established talent in the US cross scene with a wealth of ability and character to match. Slate Olson caught up with him over lunch.

    Head over to Rapha for the interview.


  • Brian Vernor Interview

    Brian Vernor


    The Bicycle Story recently conducted an interview with Santa Cruz’s jack-of-many trades and cyclist, Brian Vernor– and it’s a great read for sure. I’ve been a following Brian’s work for many months now and it’s extremely impressive to say the least. Here’s a snippet of the interview below, but I know you’re gonna want to read the rest so head on over to The Bicycle Story.


    “Brian Vernor has a cool thing going for himself. The fourth-generation Santa Cruz, CA resident is a photographer, filmmaker, and adventurer who travels the world using his cameras to tell stories (and very frequently, ones about bikes). Sometimes it’s companies like Rapha or Jamis who send him off on a job. Other times its for his own projects like The Cyclocross Meeting and Where Are You Go, films that he shot in Japan and across Africa respectively. I spoke to Brian about his start as a filmmaker and photographer, his love for cyclocross, his adventure on a “rail bike,” the subjects currently catching his eye, and more.

    When did you start getting into bikes? Has it been a lifelong infatuation or did the love come later on in life?

    If you didn’t love riding a bike as a kid I don’t know what to say. For almost everyone bikes were the first chance to do something your parents had no control over….”

  • Cycle EXIF: Andy White | Fyxomatosis Interview

    Andy White Fyxomatosis Interview

    Adam from Cycle EXIF offered up some great questions in his recent interview with Andy White, the man behind Fyxomatosis. He’s been known to build, restore, and photograph some of the most frimp-worthy bikes on the world wide web. See what he’s got to say over at Cycle EXIF.


  • Kareem Williams Q&A

    p: Tristan Afre

    Head over to ESPN and read some q&a with Kareem Williams; good interview for sure!