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  • Budnitz Bicycles: Summit To Sunset

    large_budnitz-bicycles_DJC_9104-Edit large_budnitz-bicycles_DJC_8807-Edit large_budnitz-bicycles_DJC_8678-Edit

    I’ve always wanted to rip a fat bike down some corduroy. With the recent snowstorm that’s hit the east coast, a few friends of mine came together to realize the same dream that many of us share.

    Here’s a couple shots of Adam Morse ripping a Budnitz fat bike, shot by Dan Cardon. Be sure to head on over to Budnitz and check out the full photo series.


  • Moonmen Bikes #M01


    This is one of the raddest “29+” mountain bikes that I’ve seen in a minute. The Moonmen #M01 is a a 29+ mountain bike that is built to shred while keeping things loose and fun. At first glance, I was reminded of SE Racing Bikes due to the Landing Gear’esque typeface and Moonriser handlebars.

    The M01 from Moonmen Bikes isn’t your typical singlespeed 29er – there’s a lot of extra-awesome going on here. At first glance, you might think the chain is tensioned using an eccentric bottom bracket, but after a closer look you’ll notice Moonmen’s proprietary Mension System. The Mension System uses a turnbuckle / bottle screw in the chainstays to expand or compress equally.

    Not only will Mension tension your chain, the system is also great as it allows you to break your frame down into smaller pieces, allowing you to remove the rear triangle for easy traveling.

    Make sure to have a better look at the #M01 below, and head on over to Moonmen Bikes for more mountain bike wizardry. While you’re at it, check them out on Instagram ’cause they’re really cooking up some amazing stuff.
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  • Amazing Skatepark / Miniramp Inside A Church In Spain

    I can’t even get over how amazing this is…it’s something out of a dream really. I first caught wind of this incredible miniramp / skatepark in a church a couple weeks back via Instagram, but couldn’t uncover any details until recently.  What I would give to have such a perfect indoor ramp somewhere in Shanghai…

    Anyway, in Llanera, Spain a historic church was converted to a skatepark earlier on this year by a local DIY crew, La Iglesia Skate. Aside from the sheer beauty and setting (being in a Church and all), the ramp itself looks 100% perfect. You’ve got a nice, long mini ramp in the middle, a vert extension, an extension with some nice pool coping as well as a micro-mini for beginners. Plus, the artwork by Okuda San Miguel is beautiful. This right here is all I need…I don’t think I’d change anything here. Maybe convert the end where the micro is into a bowl corner or something; otherwise this is incredible.

    Now for those like me thinking this would make for a good excuse to take a skate trip to Spain, it’s not exactly close to Barcelona; and you can’t do a skate trip in Spain without hitting Barcelona…so my chances of getting skate this ramp are pretty slim, but who knows. Regardless, get ready to wipe some drool off your keyboard and maybe grab a spare set of shorts before checking out the photos below. Additional photos can be found on the La Iglesia Skate Facebook.

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  • Factory Five XCR Custom Touring Bike


    Damn, would you look at this thing? Talk about a beautiful bicycle that’s as functional as it is eye-catching. This custom built touring bike was just finished for a F5 customer who plans to spend the next few years trekking the globe; and what a fine machine to do so on. The frame is a custom-built  Factory Five Columbus XCR stainless steel touring frame and topped with a lovely mix of brushed and clear-coat finish. As you’ll see in the photos below, each and every cable is internally routed, which could be an advantage or drawback…depending on your preferences.

    As far as components go, it’s no holds barred; the bling level here is real. You’ve got a Dura Ace 9000 11 speed grouppo, H Plus Son Archetypes to a Supernova up front and Chris King in the rear, ENVE cockpit and saddle, Brooks C17 saddle, and an E3 Pro 2 headlamp & tail light. Oh, and don’t forget The Plug III.

    This is easily one of the raddest touring bikes I’ve seen in a while. While the STI shifters and 11-speed drivetrain would make me nervous while touring, they don’t detract from drool factor…this thing is supreme! Check out a few more shots below.

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  • A Constant Change: Skatebording, Surfing & Shanghai


    My good buddy Alex Greenberg out here in Shanghai just finished up project that’s been months in the works, and highly anticipated on my end; it’s called A Constant Change. A Constant Change is pretty much a digital catch-all for Alex’s photos, travels and Snapchat stories. Head on over and give it a look! Here’s a shot of Chris Joslin with a varial heelflip over the Bin Jiang 13 stair handrail from a LRG trip earlier this year.

    ps: I know the site has been a little messed up as of late; funky icons loading on the homepage, slow speeds and less-than-consistent updates…not to worry though, I finally got a decent internet connection (decent here is 3-5 mb/s) so things are being fixed and there’s plenty of stuff in the pipeline. Cheers!

  • Pinarello Dogma K8S


    The Pinarello Dogma K8S certainly caught my eye while surfing my usual big wave internet breaks the other day; but it wasn’t just the black & red carbon frame with Campy Record that drew me in. If you’re like me, the first thing you noticed on this bike is the soft tail style suspension unit at the top of the seat stays.

    When seeing this, I immediately thought of the Castellano Fango – one of the first hardtails I’d ever seen back in 2001 or 2002. The idea behind this is simple: dampening vibrations and isolating the rider from rough terrain will save energy. Energy saved means you can ride faster…at least in theory. Plus, this added suspension only increases the frames overall weight by 95 grams – not bad if you ask me.

    More photos (via Above Category) below as always. Enjoy.

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  • Chris Bishop’s Road Bike


    If you’ve been hanging around here a while, you’re well aware that I’m a huge fan of Chris Bishop’s bikes. I mean, nearly everything he produces is absolutely gorgeous; his attention to detail is unmatched. After meeting him a few years back at NAHBS and seehing his work in-person, I get hyped everytime I see something new from him.

    What’s even better about his latest creation is that it’s his personal road bike – it’s not everyday that you get to look at a framebuilder’s very own ride.

    Have a look at a few shots below and head on over to Flickr for the whole set and Bishop Bikes for more.

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  • A Long Afternoon With My Soma Saga 26″ Touring Bike

    soma saga-16

    Being back in the states has been such a treat…it almost felt like I’d moved back for a minute. Tomorrow I’m heading back to Shanghai for who knows how long; it’s so weird that China now feels like home to me.

    Anyway, while stateside, I got to do a bunch of stuff that I can’t easily do over in Shanghai. One of those things is explore long gravel and dirt roads on my touring bike. My Soma Saga has been my trusty and reliable ride for everything from touring to weekend getaways to simply getting lost for an afternoon.

    It’s definitely one of my favorite bikes I’ve owned. It’s certainly not pretty, nor is it hung with super fancy parts. I built this bike up on a whim a few years back after realizing I had a bunch of spare bits, making for a good excuse to exercise the old n+1 theory.

    Check out some more shots below and see for yourself just how weird of a build this is.

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