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  • Thru Axle vs. Quick Release?

    20568654643_7e46e031c4_b (1)
    Ever wondered what the benefits of using a thru axle are versus a quick release, or rather, the benefits of a quick release over a thru axle? Well, the good guys over at 44 Bikes dove in on the subject and came up with a super detailed and throrough piece on the hot topic.

    Head on over to 44 Bikes to read their TA vs. QR piece.

  • Feedback Sports Velo Hinge

    velo hinge feedback sports

    My buddies over at Feedback Sports were kind enough to send me a couple of their new Velo Hinge bike storage hooks and they’re looking great. I’ve been a fan of Feedback’s stuff for a while now and have yet to be disappointed with one of their products.

    Sure, you can always head down to your local hardware store and purchase some rubberized u-hooks, but they’re not nearly as clean looking nor as functional as the Velo Hinges. Sure, they both accomplish the same thing, but the Velo Hinge allows you to hang a bike and them pivot it for maximum space. Not gonna be using the Velo Hinge for a while? No problem, simply fold the hook down and you’ll hardly notice it was there in the first place; much better than staring at an empty protruding red, yellow or grey u-hook.

    As you may know, I’m in-between jobs and countries right now. I should be all setup in Shanghai by early March, but until then I won’t have a place to use these hooks. I do know, however, that space and efficiency is going to be of the essence while living in Shanghai and the Velo Hinge will be the perfect way for me to store my bike(s) while overseas. I’ll be sure to update you all with photos of the installation once I arrive in China. Until then, check out the Velo Hinge by Feedback Sports if you’re looking to upgrade your bicycle storage!


  • Qak Thump Blu Headphone Review

    thumpblu headphones

    I’m always listening to music; all day, every day. So when I got the chance to try out the Thump Blu wireless Bluetooth headphones by QAK, I couldn’t have been more excited. “Here’s another chance to take advantage of my Spotify Premium account” I told myself. For the majority of the day at work, I’ll be wearing some big over-the-ear headphones for all-day comfort and optimal sound quality. Getting out of work, I normally grab some ear buds and ended up getting used to the sub-par sound quality and general discomfort. When I first received these headphones, I figured they’d be comparable to a decent pair of buds both in terms of sound and fit. Well, I was wrong. The dynamic range is incredible and these headphones BANG! I went for some hip-hop right off the bat and was blown away at the bass these produce and how clear the audio is. Oh yeah, and how about NO MORE WIRES! No longer do you have to worry about rigging through your jersey or tee shirt; Bluetooth is the truth. (more below)

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  • Initial Reaction: ABUS Granit X Plus Mini 54 U Lock

    abus granit x plus mini 54 u lock

    I came home from work today to find a nice little package from ABUS, containing their newly-released Granit X Plus 54 u lock. This mini u lock is their top-of-the-line in terms of security and portability. They took the locking system and wide profile of the largest Granit X Plus locks and shrunk the shackle size, which is great if you’re in an urban area and need a lock that won’t take up a ton of space in your bag. My initial reaction to this lock is that it’s beefy, and in the best of ways. Not only does it have a double bolted shackle, but it’s also equipped with an automatic keyhole cover that helps keep moving parts safe from the elements. I’m so excited to try out this lock! I’ll report back once I’ve given it some proper use and let you know what I think.



  • Budnitz No. 2 Titanium 650b Mountain Bike

    budnitz no 2 650b mountain bike

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably caught wind of the latest wheel-related phenomenon in mountain biking: the 650b aka 27.5”. For years and years I’d been perfectly content on my 26” hardtail, even giving a couple singlespeed 29ers a chance, however, nothing really held my attention like a good ‘ole 26” wheel; at least until just recently.

    I was given the privilege of testing out the Budnitz No. 2 titanium 650b mountain bike and let’s just say it was really hard to give back after two weeks of straight thrashing. The bike rides like a dream and is ridiculously light, weighing in at just 18 lbs. The 650b is a wheel size I’ve been curious about in regards to mountain biking for some time now, especially since I’m partial to a smaller wheel. A 29er has always felt a little cumbersome for me and doesn’t exactly fit my riding style. As a youth, I spent afternoons building jumps and riding a BMX bike, so once I transitioned to a mountain bike, my bmx instincts followed.

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  • Chrome Barrage Cargo Rolltop Backpack

    chrome barrage rolltop backpack

    The Chrome Barrage Cargo backpack is real gem. I’ve been running this back daily for the last three months and it’s really impressed me. Sure, Chrome has a huge variety of bags for all purposes, but the Barrage is one of the best all-arounders I’ve tried out. This bag isn’t for messin’, no. Instead it excels as a day pack, perfect for toting your daily sundries while leaving you plenty of room for whatever you may pick up along the way.

    On the exterior of this US-made backpack, you’ve got a webbed cargo net that is perfect for holding all sorts of items, including a helmet, a stinky pair of shoes, beer you don’t have room for in your bag, and even a skateboard. Well, especially a skateboard. Like I said, it’d the perfect day bag. Day-to-day I’d find myself carrying my 15″ Macbook pro, a pair of skate shoes, water bottle, tool roll, lock, deodorant, windbreaker and a few other items. Even with all this junk I carry, I’ve still got room for a sixer on the way home. Check out a few narrated detail shots below and if you’re interested in the Barrage Cargo Bag be sure to head over to your local bike shop, Chrome Hub, or Chrome Industries.


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  • Ibex Giro FZ Merino Wool Jersey

    ibex giro fz merino wool cycling jersey

    Merino wool is one of my most favorite fabrics. As a matter of fact, I’m wearing a merino tee as I write this. Anyway, I’ve been wearing this Ibex Giro Merino Wool Jersey all fall and love it. It’s my first wool jersey and it definitely won’t be my last. The best thing about merino wool is how it wicks moisture, keeping you dry while regulating your body heat; two priorities of mine I pay special attention to during the fall. It’s also made in the USA!

    The jersey is full-zip, form-fitting and close to what I’d call a “race cut”.  It features three pockets in addition to a small reflective Ibex logo on the middle pocket – subtle and functional. Speaking of which, this jersey is the perfect synergy of subtlety and functionality. Besides keeping me drier than my ‘race’ jerseys, it’s also barren of large logos, a quality I’ve grown to appreciate.

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  • Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes

    ursa major face wipe

    I meant to include this photo along with the Otis Mountain camping writeup, but figured it warranted it’s own post since I’ve been enjoying these face wipes so much lately. A couple weeks ago I got to meet Oliver and the gang from Ursa Major, a skin care company for men based here in Burlington, VT and I got a few of their Essential Face Wipes. Not only do these leave your face refreshed, they also help improve your skin’s overall health; important qualities when you lead an active life or are just on the road a bunch. I first tried one after riding from Burlington to Elizabethtown, NY to camp last weekend and my face was stoked. The next test? A quick freshening up before a night out with a lady friend. The verdict? Success.

    I’ve also been using the Fantastic Face Wash for the past couple weeks and am just as elated with it! Seriously, it’s worth it just to smell so good afterwards. But just like the face wipes, the face wash is designed to thoroughly clean without leaving your skin dry or irritated. It’s composed of essential oils including cedar, lime, lemon, spearmint, spruce, owyhee, vetiver and lavender in a concentrated formula, so the 8 oz bottle should easily last a couple months.

    Make sure to have a look at the rest of the men’s skin care products by Ursa Major, and if you’re in Vermont you can get Ursa Major products locally at Healthy Living, City Market, Stowe Kitchen Bath and Linens, Orvis in Manchester and Clementine in Middlebury.