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  • San Francisco Bound!


    I’ll be out in San Francisco through Saturday! If you’d like to meet up, grab a ride or skate get at me on Twitter – @CultureCycles or @klei_ber. Email works, too (

    Hyped would be an understatement.


  • Off to Seattle

    Photo Jun 09, 6 04 16 AM

    Currently I’m sitting in the Burlington airport, waiting on my delayed flight out to Chicago with a final destination of Seattle. The flight was supposed to depart at 6am and it’s currently 6:14. For some reason, the last three or four times I’ve flown out of Burlington my flights have all had decent delays (so I’ve learned to book connections with a bit of a layover). Anyway, I’ll be out in Seattle on business for my day job but definitely plan on checking out some shops and doing a bit of skating before my conference starts on Tuesday. I also have plans to eat at the Space Needle. Anyone have any suggestions of people, places or things to check out? Shoot me an email or get at me on Twitter: and @CultureCycles or @klei_ber. I’ve also got a grip of stickers on me if anyone’s looking for a few freebies. While on the subject of traveling, I’ll also be out in SF for the last week of this month with my buddy Josh – again, feel free to hit me up!


  • Whoops…Site Under Construction


    I was messing around with some of the site architecture earlier today and accidentally broke everything! Without going into too much detail, I’d like to let you know that the site will be “under construction” for the next couple days as I work to restore everything. Sit tight folks – I appreciate the continued support. This was the last thing I needed to happen on the last day of my week-long vacation but oh well, didn’t someone say something about challenges being opportunities in disguise? Let’s see if I can get things looking better this time than before.


  • Vacation Time

    new jersey vacation

    I’m currently at my folk’s place in New Jersey, taking a week off to reboot my mind and get in some quality relaxation. It’s been 18+ months since I’ve had anything more than a 3-day weekend, and that’s no good. What is good, however, is the stack of vacation days I still have after taking this week off.

    My original plan was to cut out of work early on Friday and high tail it down to the city for the Bonobo show with Eric. Well, things didn’t go quite as planned. Being that the weather in Vermont tends to be conveniently inconvenient, we were hit with hail, sleet and ice late Friday afternoon; killing my motivation to drive 5 hours south in the dark. So, I woke up early Saturday and hit the road at 7:30 towards New York. The afternoon was spent skating the LES skate park followed by some some salmon dancing in Times Square.

    I made my way back to Jersey yesterday morning and decided to explore all the old roads I used to ride in high school. It was nostalgic to say the least…I really miss being able to do a quick 25 miles with 1,600 feet of climbing. Anyway, I’ll be heading back up to Vermont tomorrow for the Mad Dashes and to enjoy the rest of my week off. Also, I’d like to apologize for how slow things have been around here lately – I think this week of recuperation will bring a fresh perspective to these pages.


  • Poler Equestrian Raglan

    poler equestrian raglan tee (2)

    You guys should all buy the Equestrian Raglan by Poler. The artwork was done by our buddy Noah Hoose who also created the headless bikeman you see on the sidebar to your left. Snatch yours here.


  • iNBiCLA “Crusted” by Vitor Machado

    inbicla crusted bicycle vitor machado (1)

    photos: Daniel Vidinha

    Vitor Machado is a 29 year old framebuilder from Porto, Portugal who fuses his passions from with degree in Product Design and a love for bicycles. iNBiCLA is his brand of completely custom bicycles, based in Porto, with everything from the frame to the accessories being handmade. His goal is to make each bike as unique as their prospective owners.

    His latest piece, known as “Crusted” is his interpretation of Porto and the wine culture from his homeland. See some more gorgeous shots below.


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  • Chrome: #LocalLegendShit Contest

    chrome hypebeast LocalLegandShit

    The good folks at Chrome are throwing a contest along with Hypebeast to highlight local legends from around the world for a chance to win $1k worth of Chrome goods! Now I know there are plenty of big fish in the small sea that is Burlington, VT….so you better get moving folks! The contest ends this Sunday,  here are the details:

    Every city has them. Artists, musicians, baristas, bartenders, dirtbags and scavengers who make our cities just a little bit better. A little bit more livable. They live with few resources, but make a lot of noise. We respect what they do, but they are rarely recognized.

    Chrome and HYPEBEAST have partnered to recognized these local legends. Post a photograph your local legend and win $1000 of Chrome gear. 

    1) Follow @Chrome_Industries and @Hypebeast on Instagram

    2) Instagram a picture of your local legend  

    3) Include the hashtag #LocalLegendShit and comment explaining why they are a local legend by August 12th


  • Mr. Busy

    mr busy

    Sheesh! Talk about a busy past week and a half…

    I just wanted to let you know I’m not crappin’ out on you guys…work and life have been eating up more of my time than usual over the past couple weeks, thus the posts on CC have been bottle-necked for the time being. Plus, by the time I get home from riding at night (when I can’t get out in the mornings), it’s already almost bedtime. Last night I went mountain biking out in Hinesburg, stopped for a beer & burger in town and didn’t walk through my bedroom door ‘til well after midnight, after leaving for work that morning at 8.  Stay tuned though, I’ve got a couple awesome product reviews I’ve been meaning to post, some more beautiful bicycles, videos and some riding photos that’ll all make their way up over the weekend & early next week. Thanks for sticking with us!