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  • SABATOGE4 Promo

    As far as “promos” for videos go, this one from the Philly-based crew, SABATOGE is one of the best I’ve seen in a while. I mean, everything SABATOGE puts out is always top-notch, but this promo has been on repeat for me all week. I gave it a quick watch last night before skating and successfully filmed 3 clips, all off the lingering hype from this promo. That hasn’t happened for me in a while…

    Featuring Ishod Wair, Brian Douglas,Jon Hadley, Juan Algora, Josh Kalis, Mark Suciu, Walker Ryan, Jamal Smith, Tore Bevivino, Joey O’Brien and a full part from Dylan Sourbeer. Get ready for SABATOGE4 coming 9/11/2015.

  • Table Talk, Episode 2: Geoff McFetridge

    Incase you missed Monster Children’s Table Talk, Episode 2 featuring Geoff McFetridge, here it is. Hosted by Chris Pastras, this short will take you through Geoff’s studio and give you a little insight into his creative process. Don’t ‘miss this one!

  • Dime X Alltimers

    This right here is pure gold. The geniuses at Dime & Alltimers know that sex sells, so they’ve created the first ever skateboard specifically designed for girls to ride. After running preliminary tests on a number of female subjects, research proven their hypothesis to be correct. Ryan Gosling on a skateboard is an obvious win.

  • The North Face – Urban Exploration

    My buddy Charles Lanceplaine with Push Media put together this short for The North Face a couple months ago. This video is all about urban exploration here in Shanghai and features my good homies Edan and Elliott. Enjoy.

  • Minneapolis – “The Bike Capital of America” just put this short together on why Minneapolis is the “Bike Capital of America”. While I’ve never had a chance to visit, a few friends of mine have moved there over the past couple years and I’ve heard nothing but great things. Whenever I decide to move back stateside, I’ll be taking a good look at Minneapolis…that’s for sure!


    Tote bags are great. I use one almost every day. While being simple and elegant at heart, tote bags are super annoying if you’re moving any faster than a walking pace; i.e. cycling or skateboarding. This is where the FREITAG F261 MAURICE & F262 JULIEN comes in brilliantly. These totes are equipped with a third arm, allowing you to slip the dual handles over one shoulder and the third over the other. Ipso facto, you’ve now got a backpack. I can’t even stress how awkward carrying a tote is while riding a bike or skating around the city. Enjoy this short video while you think of how big a help Maurice & Julien could be.

  • Cannondale New Road – Slate Suspension All-Road Bike

    Canondale is taking a completely new path here and I couldn’t be more excited with where it’s leading. A couple days ago, they released this teaser titled “New Road. Clean Slate.” Next, John Watson at The Radavist posts a some photos of a quick ride upon Cannondale’s Slate All-Road bike.

    This bike isn’t a race bike, but that’s not to say it would have you hauling ass…you’ll just be doing so among an endless variety of surfaces. With 650b / 27.5 wheels, you can squeeze a 42mm tire in the frame and expect a spirited ride due to the equivalent 700×22 rollout of this combo. Toss in the 30mm Lefty fork and you’ve got yourself a rig to be reckoned with.

    Here’s part 1 & 2 of the Cannondale New Road. Major shout-out to my buddy Dave Devine! You’re killing it!


  • The Cinder Cone

    This right here is what I’ve been dreaming about since I was a kid. I’d always be building tree houses in the woods and skate ramps in the driveway, and here I am nearly 20 years later, still trying to do the same thing (No trees or driveways in Shanghai makes this difficult).

    During the spring of 2014, a group of close friends got together and started this project out in Skamania County, Washington. They’ve dubbed the multi-platform treehouse, wood-fired hot tub and skate  bowl as The Cinder Cone. It’s home to Foster Huntington, with one tree house being his home and the other, his studio. Some old friends of mine put helped film this short documentary (via Farm League), showing just what it takes to create paradise.

    Be sure to learn more about this year-long project by checking out Foster’s personal site: A Restless Transplant and help fund The Cinder Cone book on Kickstarter.

    Process photos below.

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