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  • 1one1 – Sean Dahlberg

    1one1 from Sean Dahlberg on Vimeo.

    There’s nothing like some New York skateboarding. Here’s the latest from Sean Dahlberg featuring:
    Max Palmer
    Stu Kirst
    Andrew Wilson
    Colin Sussingham
    Jesse Alba
    John Choi
    Cooper Winterson
    Ben Kadow
    Cyrus Bennett
    Sean Dahlberg
    Conor Prunty
    CJ Keossaian
    Nolan Benfield
    Vince Touzery

  • VT Cowboy / Smokeygang via Jungle Docs

    The latest from the boys back in Vermont, “VT cowboy / smokeygang” via my dude, Avery aka Jungle Docs. This Burlington, VT clip features the skateboarding of Mike Garret, John Pezzella, Sean Dillon, Tristan Nguyen, Johnny Cumaoglu and Natural Burke.

    If you enjoyed thisdo yourself a favor and check out more of Avery’s videos here.

    via my alter-ego, The Official Tissue.

  • Blackburn Design: The Great Basin Ride

    Blackburn Design‘s latest film, The Great Basin Ride, an adventure story that showcases the plains of Wyoming’s Red Desert through one epic bike ride.

    This documentary-type film features two brave rangers and good friends, Katie and Laura who take on this journey with fearless commitment. Though scarce water and fierce winds prove to be challenging obstacles, both rangers successfully travel from Banff, Alberto to Antelope Wells, New Mexico, one pedal stroke at a time.

    This is one of those trips that I’ve been dying embark on. Thanks to Katie and Laura for the inspiration!

  • Cornerstore Bodega: Good Times, Bad Times

    A solid release from Cornerstore Bodega: Good Times, Bad Times – VX1000 skate video out of Syracuse, NY by Nick Wnorowski with help from Nolan Shewfelt, Jay Emert, Herb Harris, Chris Moore and Keith Brown.

    Featuring: Jay Emert, Mike Fagan, Tom Ward III, Cody Backus. Herb Harris. Julius Harpending. John Edinger. Nolan Shewfelt. Keith Brown. Alton Lawson. Andrew Grabowski. Pat Cunningham. Kodi Napolitano. Mike Edinger. Brian Cunningham. Javaris Williams. Brandon Burch. Brandon Burch Jr. Nick Wnorowski. Brett Reif and Steven Russell

  • Cruising With Cooper Ray

    A “coffee ride” with Cooper Ray.

    You might have already seen this, but man, watching this makes me miss the city so much.

    video by: Terry Barensten

  • Skateboarding in Rural South Africa

    I’ve said it so many times but skateboarding has been one of the most important things to me since I first stepped on a board. I’m at the point in my life where I’ve skated for more than half my life, and in that time the simple act has helped me make lifelong connections and brought me all over the world. I mean, the main reason I’m currently living in Shanghai is all thanks to skateboarding. I came here originally to help open an indoor skatepark in Shanghai and stuck around because of the people and relationships I’ve formed; again, all thanks to skateboarding (and cycling).

    National Geographic, along with Jess Colquhoun, put together this beautiful piece on the Indigo Skate Camp and its meaning to the Zulu Villagers of South Africa. You’ll see how the simple act is helping the youth learn and grow through the activity of skating. It follows them to their first contest, where the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the session.

    This is a must watch.

  • Streets of Chrome: John Cardiel

    Whenever I see anything Cardiel-related, I stop all that I’m doing and dive in. You’ve seen how hyped I get in the past over John Cardiel content, so when I caught the recent Streets of Chrome edit I put it on repeat and then realized how much I miss going mountain biking.

    Give this a watch, get inspired and once you’re done, get out there and shred.

    All Hail Cardiel.

  • Pushing The Limits: Steel & Oakley

    PUSHING THE LIMITS is a cycle creative bound between Steel Magazine and Oakley starring three Paris riders facing different weather conditions and roads. All three experienced the roads of the Paris-Roubaix with the latest Oakley Prizm technology wearing Jawbreaker sunglasses.