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  • Shanghai Files 1

    Shanghai has been quite the trip so far. I’ve been living here for a month already and have been SO BUSY with work. For those who don’t know, myself and my two business partners run a skate shop here in Shanghai and also work with a number of schools doing after-school skateboarding programs; so things have been hectic, but very fun.

    We spent a couple nights filming after work and came up with this edit, Shanghai Files 1 – featuring John Sawchak, Brian Kleiber and Kevin Nevado. Keep an eye out for #2 coming soon, featuring more spots, homies and hijinx.


  • The Trophy Club: “Summer Champ” Bike Touring Short

    This is what I’m talking about! Even though my bike touring experience is limited, it’s something that’s always drawn me in with the unpredictability of such a journey. Watch here as The Trophy Club completes a 1,300 mile bike tour full of climbing mountains, meeting new people, camping, swimming in rivers and getting lost along the way; all for fun.

    Give this short by The Sleepers a watch! It sure gets me hyped for summer.


  • Stanridge Speed and Ben EINE for Red Hook Crit 2014

    Damn, this is gonna be something else! Can’t wait to see what Stanridge & EINE come up with.

    Stanridge Cycles is excited to announce our collaboration with Ben EINE for the Red Hook Crit this year. EINE is a world renowned graffiti artist who has collaborated with Banksy and has work hanging in the White House. Ben will be hand painting the two iconic Stanridge High Street frames that will be raced during this years Red Hook series.

    The custom bikes will be piloted by elite cyclocross racer Katie Arnold, and previous Red Hook winner Evan Murphy. Look for more from Stanridge as the bikes are done and race day approaches.



  • Beast Coasters: Bicycle Nightcycle at Talent Skatepark & Shop

    It’s nice to see some BMX footage coming from Talent Skatepark. I probably spend at least 3 nights a week at this place during the winter months, but never Mondays; that’s bike night. The Beast Coasters grabbed a couple clips a few weeks back on a Monday night, so don’t miss this quickie! Nice alley-oop in the second clip by my buddy JP Agorrea.


  • Seimi Miyahara’s part from TIGHTBOOTH PRODUCTION’s LENZII

    If you’ve been keeping up with some of the skateboarding posts here, you’ll know there’s a certain aesthetic that really speaks to me. Seimi Miyahara’s part in TIGHTBOOTH PRODUCTION‘S LENZII is pretty amazing; and damn, does he have some quick feet. If you think the lipslide ollie was nuts then just wait for the last trick.


  • Ability Bikes Cooperative – Koforidua, Ghana Mini Documentary

    My good friend Derek McIntire shot this mini documentary on Ability Bikes, a worker-owned cooperative in Koforidua, Ghana which is run by physically challenged people. Derek shot this while  visiting Koforidua back in November 2013 while teaching a mechanics workshop. With rising fuel prices in Ghana and the increased need for affordable transportation, many are turning to bicycles to help save money and stay mobile. Great job on this, Derek!



  • Making Music With Bike Parts | Johnnyrandom Bespoken

    Have you ever thought about making music with a bicycle? Well composer Johnnyrandom did just that and created this entire musical piece using only bike parts to make the sounds…check it out.


  • Be a Blackburn Ranger

    Man, if I wasn’t about to make the move of a lifetime to Shanghai, I’d be all over this. Are you looking to live the dream? How’s testing out prototype products from Blackburn while embarking on epic journeys sound? Have you ever wanted to ride the Great Divide or Pacific Coast trails? Well then continue reading below and learn how you can be one of the next 4 Blackburn Rangers. This is one of those amazing opportunities you simply don’t want to pass up. All the details are below – be sure to read more about being a Blackburn Ranger here.


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  • Loony Bin by Nick vonWerssowetz

    This video here by Nick vonWerssowetz perfectly embodies what skateboarding is all about; at least to me anyway.  Featuring some Lurk NYC greats, including the homie Kevin Mailete, this video will not disappoint! My favorite parts would have to be Cyrus Bennett and Jason Byoun. Head over to Lurk NYC to cop!

    Here’s the full lineup:
    Cyrus Bennett, Jacob Gottlieb, Friends (Stan Karbine, Kevin Mailet, Andrew Wilson, John Choi, Dylan James, Bobby Groves, Daniel Weinstein, Max Palmer, Tyler Gilbert, Billy Mcfeely, Frank Mare, Paul Tucci), Adrian Vega ft Adam Becerra and Justin Ching, Lunchbox including Alex O’donahoe, Nick Carracino, Ricardo Castaneda, Harrison Hafner, Dan Debarros, Danny Castaneda, Kevin Davis and Bobby Groves, Genesis Evans, Shawn Powers/Adam Zhu – Jason Byoun


  • Chrome Industries: Massan Barrage Cargo Video

    Remember how hyped I was about the Massan video that dropped last Friday on the Chrome Industries site? Well, now you can watch it over and over and over again; right here. Sure, it was put together to promote the Barrage Cargo backpack that I recently reviewed (which, of course, I’ve still been using day-to-day and love), but the cinematography here is absolutely incredible. It also goes without saying: the riding is nuts! Massan is a king on the track bike and bombs Burnside 40+ mph with ease. Enjoy.


  • Massan For Chrome Video Release Event!


    Oh man, this is gonna be good! If you’ve ever seen Massan ride, you know that this video is going to be full of shredding. If you’re in Portland and are free tomorrow, be sure to check out this video premiering at the Chrome hub at noon west coast time!


    Chrome Industries announces the live screening of its first short film this Friday, December 13th at noon west coast time. Chrome will temporarily take over its website for the screening from 12:00 to 12:30 pm. The Chrome Crew worked with Portland natives Kamp Grizzly to document Massan Fluker taking his track bike and Chrome’s new Barrage Rolltop to the hills and bridges of Portland. The final 3 minute short includes some of the best riding Portland has to offer including an epic decent of Burnside at +40 mph. Set your phone alarms for noon this Friday to catch the live screening. Spread the word.   

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  • Cold Rolled Chapter 1

    This is making me miss fat biking so much! Check out Cold Rolled Chapter 1 from Clear & Cold Cinema documenting the Marquette Snow Bike Route.