Downhill Mountain Biking at Sugarbush


FABIKE Sliding Dropout System

Harry Main VX 2 2012

Marin Bikes: Andrew Taylor & The Mount Vision SF to Marin County

Cult Crew: Stijn Staal 02

Specialized S-WORKS & McClaren TT Helmet

Animal Bikes: SKAPEGOAT 2

The Shadow Conspiracy: DNVR OMLTS

Lucas Brunelle LINE OF SIGHT Trailer

GoPro: AMGEN Tour of California

Animal Bikes: Untitled

Behind The Scenes: SPY ToC Busche | Montgomery Bike “Flip”

Queen City Dry Goods | Kickstarter Video


John Buultjens Haro BMX Collection: 1982-1993

This guy is INCREDIBLE. John Buultjens bmx collection is beyond impressive and nearly everything is in mint condition. Saw this via Tracko.

Lake Powell Fatbike / Kayak Foolin’

Sure looks like this guy had a real adventure. Read the story behind this video at Drunk Cyclist.


Walz Cycling Caps & Great Rock

Believe the beard. You’ve got multiple bikes, so naturally you need a plethora of cycling caps to complement the stable.

Love this video, via Walz Caps

Dan of Shifter Bikes & Andy of Fyxomatosis

videos by Gavin Bannerman

Get inside the head Shifter Dan from Shifter Bikes in Melbourn, Australia. I love his stance on bikes and his dedication to his shop & customers. He really connects with cyclist’s passions and recognizes how valuable their riding time is, as his time is just as precious. If your mechanic doesn’t put hours in on the saddle, then how’s he/she going to truly relate to a perfectly tuned bike?

I also watched (listened to) the 52 minute interview with Andy White of Fyxomatosis the other day at work and found myself relating to much of what he said. I too love having bicycles as a common denominator between my close buds, but often am more interested in the individual’s real passions/characteristics. During my days racing, so many folks would get caught up over their personal metrics, wattage and training, and thus, would pretty much just talk about themselves to each other…which can get boring pretty quickly. These days, I’ve been focusing on riding a variety of terrain and bikes, keeping things fresh and planning on taking some more bike camping trips this spring summer around New England. But take it from Dan and Andy, they’ve said it better than me.

If you’ve got headphones, I’d highly recommend both these videos. More at Biking Brisbane.


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2012 NAHBS: John Prolly Interview by Brian Fu

A nice little interview at the 2012 NAHBS with the infamous John Watson of courtesy of Brian Fu aka Flwrider.


DZR: Making of The Minna

Been riding my DZR Minnas for since last Friday and I love ’em. See what goes into these in this new video from DZR Shoes.


The Set BMX: East Coast Trip

EAST COAST TRIP from The Set on Vimeo.

The Set‘s summer East Coast trip edit, this one’s making me want warm weather really badly!

“12 days of summer with Brad Simms, Kym Grosser an injured Corey Bohan, Levi Jackonia, Calvin Kosovich, Chris ODonell, Callan Stibbards, Troy Charlesworth, TM Marc Urlich & photographer Brandon Means getting loose in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Letting the good times roll! Here’s some of what went down when it wasn’t raining or flooding.”


Richard Sachs: Bicycle Maker

A few shorts accompanying the new photo book on Richard Sachs, compiled over a year-and-a-half in Mass.

“Shot over a year and half in Massachusetts and across New England. 110 pages with over 120 black & white photographs. Landscape format – 11.75″ x 8.25″
Printed in Massachusetts, United States of America”