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  • Burlington Burner by Fast Boy Cycles

    fast boy cycles burlington burner

    This gorgeous bicycle you’re looking at is known as the Burlington Burner. It was built by Ezra Caldwell of Fast Boy Cycles and belongs to a lucky guy named Jason (of whom I just found out is local). Could you think of a better bike to post after a 5-day dry spell? As soon as I saw Adam at Cycle EXIF‘s post, I knew it’d be the perfect bike to freshen up the feed. Not only are we based in Burlington, VT, the Burlington Burner is also one of my favorite burgers at The Rusty Scuffer (half price on Wednesdays); so this seemed more than fitting.

    The bike is perfect for those aimless rides, you know, the ones where time seems to stop as you explore your surroundings. With a Sturmey Archer 2 speed kick-back coaster hub, some fat 29″ slicks, a White Industries drive train, and a top-notch saddle/cockpit setup, it’s ready for more than just those aimless rides. Check out a bunch more photos on the Fast Boy Cycles Flickr.