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  • The Hank Klunker Bike

    Asylum_hank_klunk_shoot-27-1 Asylum_hank_klunk_shoot-28

    Here’s a bike that’s guaranteed to get anyone stoked. Remember being a kid, wanting to go as fast as you possibly could, only to throw all your weight into the coaster brake to skid? Sometimes you’d come out unscathed, but more often (if you’re me), you’d end up with the #RubberSideUp. It didn’t matter how many times you ate it, you’d still pick that hunk of steel back up, throw your leg over it and pedal on. At least I did. I’d beat the living shit out of my coaster brake bikes, and that’s exactly what the guys at Hank Bike want you do to with their klunker-style, coaster brake mountain bike.

    This thing is engineered for good times and comes equipped with disc tabs, in case you get a bad idea like running it in a sanctioned mountain bike race. It’s also available in any color you want, as long as that color is raw steel or metallic purple.

    Six hundred and fifty B’s, a 73mm BB and the 1 1/8″ steerer will have you tracking like “Jay Springsteen on a handful of bennies.” Head over and say “what’s up” to Hank. If I were still living stateside, I’d already have one of these on the way.

  • Budnitz MTN Mountain Bike


    A while back, I was fortunate enough to get a chance to test a prototype of the Budnitz MTN 650b titanium mountain bike. If you read the review, you’ll know that I was particularly excited about responsiveness of the frame and the surprising agility the 650b wheels provided. As a long-time 26” curmudgeon, I was quickly taken back by how much a difference the extra 1.5” in wheel circumference added. I did indeed, call the ride quality “magic”.

    Since the first incarnation of a Budnitz mountain bike, they’ve swapped a few things out for their latest build including a 14-speed Rohloff hub and a White Brothers LOOP suspension fork. Oh yeah, and the crispy matte black paint? Looks pretty slick. See this beautiful bicycle in greater detail below. Be sure to read up more on the Budnitz MTN on their site.


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  • Thomson Elite 275 Titanium Hardtail Mountain Bike

    thomson elite 275 mountain bike

    Man, does this look rad or what? I’m a huge fan of Thomson components and will always splurge for them on my bikes when possible. So when I saw this 650b Titanium Hardtail by the one and only Thomson, I certainly did quite the double-take. Known as the Thomson Elite 275 and built by Lynskey and dressed in Thomson goodies, this 27.5 or 650b ti mtb is ready to shred. See the specs and get your drool on over at Bike Rumor.


  • Ahearne 650b Mountain Bike


    Man, I always love what Joseph at Ahearne Cycles is cooking up. While this fillet brazed 650b mountain bike may be a few years old, it’s the exact setup that I’m looking into for my next project. I’ll likely go singlespeed; but a rigid steel 65ob is something I’d love to add to the stable. Make sure to get a closer look at this beauty below, there are some killer details.


    More from Ahearne Cycles

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