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  • Cadence & 686 Insulator 3L Jacket

    Cadence x 686 from cadence studios on Vimeo.

    The crummy weather is finally here. Depending on where you reside, you might have been dealing with freezing temperatures and rain for weeks now. Or perhaps you’re from one of those areas where “winter” and “jacket” aren’t parts of your regular vocabulary; if that’s the case, then feel free to skip over this and try not to rub it in so much next time we talk.

    Still here? Good, then you’ll appreciate the latest from Cadence: the Cadence & 686 Kenton Insulator and Ericson 3L rain jacket.

    I’ve had a handful of rain jackets in my day and while some of them have been quite waterproof, more often than not they still need an extra layer underneath to keep that body heat in. Sure, this isn’t really a big deal, but what about those days where it’s sunny and warm all day, but bone-chilling once that sun sets? Enter the Cadence & 686 jacket.

  • Cadence | 686: Project Rain

    Well it looks like today’s the perfect day to share the new Project Rain from Cadence and 686 as it’s been spitting rain all morning. It’s so awesome to see such a collaboration happening between two of my favorite outerwear companies. For those who don’t know, 686 makes some top-quality outerwear and technical gear for snowboarding – you should get to know them a little better here.

    Can’t wait for the rain pants – wish I had them this morning!  Have a look at this video explaining their intentions with Project Rain. Pick up your new rain gear here.