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  • Acros Hydraulic Drivetrain – Shifters & Derailleurs

    hydraulic mountain bike shifters derailleur

    Anyone have any experience with the Acros Hydraulic bike shifters / drivetrain? Linear pulll hydraulic shifters and derailleurs. Read more about the tech on the Acros website. What’re your thoughts on innovations like these?

    I personally love seeing new tech like this, I mean I posted the Colnago C59 – a road bike with hydraulic disc brakes. But, the fact of the matter is technology as such isn’t always practical. I’ve spent close to 10 years working in bike shops earlier on, and will attest to the fact that the more complicated things get with a bike, the more that they’ll potentially bite you in your ass later on; especially if you’re not mechanically inclined. Bikes have always been relatively simple.

    Cables, levers, shifters, clicks, no clicks, indexed or friction…but now mineral oil in the shift lines? I’ll pass, unless someone wants to magically gift me a grouppo. Until then, I’ll keep things simple with my 1×9.