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  • 1981 Lotus Super Pro Aero

    1981 Lotus Super Pro Aero

    This beauty belongs to local collector David White and comes straight out of the early 80s aero craze. The 1981 Lotus Super Pro Aero was originally designed to break the transcontinental record, an effort to gain publicity for the brand started just two years earlier in 1979.  Just three of these pink guys exist!

    Featuring a Tange Aero tube set with hidden brake cables and the Dura Ace AX aero group, this bike was full of new concepts for its time.

    The record attempt was unsuccessful, however,  Lotus was successful in gaining some attention and even did a limited run of production Super Pro Aeros in ’82 – but those were painted gold. Thanks to David for sending some photos of his collection my way, I can’t wait to check out the collection in person! Check back next week to see another bike from David’s collection.

    Make sure to take a look at the details below.


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