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  • The Great Turkey Chase, Part 6

    the great turkey chase 6

    It’s that time of year again! Get ready for The Great Turkey Chase, Part 6 coming up a week from today here in Burlington, VT on Sunday, November 24. While many choose to race the route, as always, it’s open to all bikes and levels of fitness. The goal here is to collect food for the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf.

    Important Details:

    • Meet at Maglianero on 11/24 at 11:00 am.
    • Bring $15, a lock, helmet and bag. All money will be used for food donation purchases.
    • Bring any bike, your wife/husband/significant other/kids/friends/anyone and have a great time!
    • RSVP on Facebook

    HUGE thanks to Liam for putting this event on every year! It’s been such a fun race. I haven’t been riding much lately since I’ve been injured and just took a vacation, but I’ll be out cruising either way and you should be too!


  • 2013 Red Hook Crit Barcelona Official Video

    An amazingly done video from the 2013 Red Hook Crit Baracelona. This course looks incredible, especially that turn around the 1:00 mark…


  • Wolfpack Hustle Unified Title Race Series 2013


    The latest from Chrome and Wolfpack Hustle:

    Thousands of racers will ascend on and crash the Los Angeles Marathon race course in the dead of the night to compete in one of the most toughest urban cycling races known to man. Chrome has partnered with Red Bull to bring the Wolfpack Hustle Unified Title Series to the next level of urban racing. This is just the first stop of the three race series that will span over several months including a LA Crit, and the 6th St. sprints. Only one man and one woman will be immortalized as winners of the official sacred dog tags which will prove their endurance, speed, and power.

    If you’re west coast, be sure to check this series out!


  • Monster Mash 3 Recap

    culture cycles monster mash (3)


    Last Saturday the 27th was our third-annual Monster Mash race. I’d first like to thank everyone who came out and raced, we had 41 riders this year! Also, a huge thank you to all our volunteers. We couldn’t have pulled off such an event these past three years if we didn’t have good friends to come race and help us run stops. This year’s race was the latest to start of the three, as our intentions were to “up the spook factor”.

    The route led riders all over Burlington with 14 stops with various activities to be completed at each. If you raced, you surely remember the dance stop on Decatur Street…well, that was recorded! So stay tuned for some footage this week. Other locations included a kids bike ‘cross race in the basement of Bike Recycle Vermont, a write-your-name time bonus on a wall at UVM, and running the bases with your bike on St. Paul & Adams St. The course got a great response from riders, making us jealous year after year that we can’t partake. I saw a bunch of new faces this year too which really got me hyped.

    If you shot any photos that night we’d love to check them out. Just shoot me an email ( See the top 10 results from the race below, take a peek at the route, and check out the stickers from Sticky Brand and the tees from Catalyst.

    **Be sure to come out and race this Saturday at The Great Turkey Chase #5!


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  • Cat Riding On Cyclist’s Back

    This is pretty hilarious. This guy riding a bike with his cat on his back sure is something else…I wonder how often he gets clawed.


  • Monster Mash 3 – Burlington, Vermont

    Monster mash 3 burlington vermont

    It’s that time of year again folks, the autumn is upon us and we’re proud to be throwing the third-annual Monster Mash alleycat-style race here in Burlington, Vermont. If you’ve been out to the past two races, you know you’re in for a damn good time while ripping through Burlington’s streets, shortcuts and campus pathways. Think you’ve got this race figured out after the last two? Think again. We’ve well-versed in trickery and to say we’ve got some curve-balls coming would be an understatement.

    Registration for the race will be held on October 27th, starting at Metalworks Vermont at 6 PM with the race going off around 7. Make sure you bring a helmet, set front and rear lights, bag, and a good attitude. Oh yeah, you’d better wear a costume too. This year we have support from The Old Spokes Home, Hold Fast, Bailey Works, Death Spray Custom, Outlier, Gary Rothera Cycling Caps, Catalyst Design, Brand New Clothing, Sticky Brand, Wildlife, and Culture Cycles.

    See what the past two Monster Mash’s were like here. *Also, if you’re not into racing but would like to help out we’re in need of some volunteers. We pay in beer, so email us at if you’re down to help!

    RSVP via Facebook!


  • Lucas Brunelle LINE OF SIGHT Trailer

    Luca Brunelle’s LINE OF SIGHT sure looks like it’ll be awesome! For over a decade he’s been riding in messenger races all around the globe while capturing the action with a quiver of cameras. Head over to Lucas Brunelle’s site to pre-order the video and you might as well bookmark this video, cause you’ll watch it over-and-over in anticipation for the full length – no doubt.


  • Angel Race NYC 1999

    I saw this video floating around Facebook yesterday and couldn’t pass up sharing it. Here’s Pete Sutherland’s short on NYC messenger racing in the 90s, particularly the Angel Race.

    This is a definite must-watch.