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  • Favorites: Ass Savers Folding Mud Guard


    I’m sure you’re all well-aware of these nifty folding mud guards from Ass Savers; they’re straight up awesome. There’s nothing worse than being caught in some wet conditions, riding a bike with no fenders. Sure, if you’re stuck in a downpour, these folding mud guards aren’t going to do much to keep you dry. Where they excel is on wet roads right after the rain (which happens like every other day in Shanghai).

    You might already have one of these guys if your daily rider is a track or road bike sans fenders. If you don’t have one already, I can’t give Ass Savers a stronger co-sign. Simply stick this thing in your bag (it weighs nearly nothing) and no longer will you have to worry about sporting a ‘coon stripe on the way to your next meeting or destination.

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