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  • North St. Bags Introduces The Morrison – A Waterproof Pannier & Backpack

     Morrison Backpack Pannier

    If you’re a bicycle commuter using panniers day-to-day, you’re probably well-aware of their convenience on the bike and the often-forgotten inconvenience off the bike. Panniers are great, but many of them are only designed to sit on your rack and not function as a standalone bag. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are some out there that can also function as a backpack, but the latest pannier/backpack release from North St. Bags nails it.

    I’d like to plug The Morrison waterproof pannier / backpack combo from North St. Bags. Made-to-order from Portland, OR, this pannier/backpack combo is just as at home on your rack or your back. From $189 and up,  you’ll get a handmade CORDURA pannier that doubles as a backpack with a lifetime warranty; pretty good if you ask me.


  • Brooks 150th Anniversary Saddles & Pickwick Backpack / Rucksack

    brooks rucksack

    In honor of their 150th anniversary, Brooks England has released a new set of anniversary saddles as well as a new Pickwick Backpack.

    The saddles have copper plated frames with hand-hammered copper rivets and black leather which displays their commitment to excellence and quality craftsmanship. The available models are the classic best-seller B17, the Flyer, B67 for city bikes, B33 for heavy duty, and the Swallow for racing all delivered with Special Edition packaging.
    The popular Pickwick Rucksack comes in all black with copper plated details and is a robust handmade bag made in Italy using a water-resistant cotton canvas and finished with vegetable-tanned leather details. Crafted from the highest quality materials by craftsmen with a lifetime experience.
  • DUCKSINAROW Commuter Backpack


    Every now and then there’s a Kickstarter campaign that really catches my attention. With so many people out there abusing or taking advantage of crowd funding, it’s easy to tune out after hearing  “we just launched our Kickstarter…”,  am I right?

    As someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, lacking the “bootstrapability” some startup folks posses, I can totally stand behind genuinely good ideas like this one being crowd-funded. The gals over at DUCKS IN A ROW are onto something good here.

    Despite looking a bit like a turtle-shell, this bag’s design and construction appear to be top notch. I mean, would you expect anything less than a couple industrial designers who used to work for Manfrotto? I especially like that you’re able to easily strap it to your handlebars. Now that it’s the winter, I don’t mind riding with a backpack so much, but during the hot, sweaty summer months, getting the load off your back is ideal. I mean, the main reason I’m such a huge advocate of the Cetma 5 rail is simply due to the fact that I can strap my backpack or whatever to it (among much, much larger items). Twenty kilometers worth of daily commuting with a backpack gets old, really fast.

    Back in Vermont, I’d often commute with panniers – either on my Soma or Van Dessel. While panniers are amazing for 90% of my riding/commuting, they’re slightly inconvenient when you need to take them off and walk around; this is where the DUCKSINAROW commuter bags come in. Simply un-strap these badboys and you’ve got a backpack, perfect for waltzing around the market or whatever.

    While I’m not much of a leather guy (I like stuff I don’t feel bad destroying), I can really appreciate the look these backpacks have as well as the fact that they come with a rain cover. The transparent touch screen phone pocket is also great! This commuter backpack is chock-fulla details like this. So, if you’re liking what you see, head on over to the DUCKSINAROW Kickstarter and toss ’em a few bucks.

    Check out the bag in greater detail below.

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  • Chrome Barrage Cargo Rolltop Backpack Review

    chrome barrage rolltop backpack

    The Chrome Barrage Cargo backpack is real gem. I’ve been running this back daily for the last three months and it’s really impressed me. Sure, Chrome has a huge variety of bags for all purposes, but the Barrage is one of the best all-arounders I’ve tried out. This bag isn’t for messin’, no. Instead it excels as a day pack, perfect for toting your daily sundries while leaving you plenty of room for whatever you may pick up along the way.

    On the exterior of this US-made backpack, you’ve got a webbed cargo net that is perfect for holding all sorts of items, including a helmet, a stinky pair of shoes, beer you don’t have room for in your bag, and even a skateboard. Well, especially a skateboard. Like I said, it’d the perfect day bag. Day-to-day I’d find myself carrying my 15″ Macbook pro, a pair of skate shoes, water bottle, tool roll, lock, deodorant, windbreaker and a few other items. Even with all this junk I carry, I’ve still got room for a sixer on the way home. Check out a few narrated detail shots below and if you’re interested in the Barrage Cargo Bag be sure to head over to your local bike shop, Chrome Hub, or Chrome Industries.


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  • Ignoble Marion Backpack Review

    ignoble marion tombs backpack (11)

    A few weeks back I got this Ignoble Marion backpack in the mail and immediately fell in love with its blending of function and simplicity. Up until recently, I’d never heard of Ignoble but am always one to support US-made gear when I can. Ignoble is a LA-based bag and backpack company that focuses on style-conscious and thoughtfully designed bags to tackle the urban environment both on and off the bike with their bags being produced at a military-grade level.

    The Marion Tombs Backpack is an extremely light yet spacious pack, constructed of 200D Nylon with comfy shoulder pads and a large zippered main compartment. There are also a number of small stash pouches, organizers and a chest strap to help distribute the weight once fully-loaded. Speaking of which, this bag is all about volume with its ability to squeeze 29 liters of goods inside. At first glance, it may look a little too large to be for daily use. However, I’ve come to appreciate the extra space I’m usually left as it’s such a lightweight bag that I barely notice its size. Plus, I’ve been known to grab 6-ers on the way home from work and this bag leaves me just enough room for that and a loaf of bread (on top of all my other sundries).  I’d recommend this bag to anyone, especially if you’re looking for a versatile pack that’s game for the urban commute, whether on bike or foot. Check out some detail shots of the Marion below and be sure to browse the rest of Ignoble Bags offerings on their site.


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  • Chrome District Rolltop Backpack Review

    chrome district backpack review (11)

    chrome district backpack review (2)

    This right here is the perfect day bag. I’ve been running the Chrome District backpack for a little over a month now and couldn’t be happier; it’s just the right size for your daily essentials.  Plus, being that it’s a rolltop, you’ve always got spare room to squeeze those tall cans in on the way home.

    Since I haven’t had internet at my place for the past two weeks, I’ve been bringing my laptop everywhere and the separate laptop sleeve accommodates my 15” Macbook with ease. I’ll also keep a pair of shoes, rain jacket, water bottle, small tool roll, u-lock, lights and a few miscellaneous goods in the District on the daily.

    Read the rest of the review below and get a little more info at Chrome Industries. -B

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  • Brooks: Islington

    Another bag from Brooks to be displayed at Bread and Butter. This one, while simliar in materials to the Hampstead Holdall, seems to function much better as a backpack, while it seems that you may sacrifice some space for comfort. It also includes a new cross strap system which achieves “a level of comfort previously considered unreachable.” For more, head to the Brooks Blog.

    “The Islington has been put together with similar materials to those used for the Hampstead Holdall, which we had a look at earlier in the week. It’s a bona fide big rucksack in terms of volume, but boasts such levels of adjustability on all sides that if travelling light, it will remain tight and snug to the rider’s back.”

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  • Nike SB Shuttle Backpack

    “The bag itself zips out into two parts with each offering a fairly large zippered compartment. In addition it features a neoprene skateboard holder, leather accents, pockets on the ends, a padded laptop space, various entries throughout, duffel bag strap, and an accompanying small case for extras.”

    More photos of this great new travel bag from Nike @ Hypebeast.