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  • Showers Pass Introduces the Cloudcover Waterproof Bag Line

    Cloudcover-Utility-Backpack-Banner Waterproof-Utility-Backpack-with-lights-bike-race

    This just in from Showers Pass! The Cloudcover line of backpacks & bags, including the Transit, Utility, and the Refuge Duffle, has arrived. Each of these models features waterproof zippers, welded seams and protected compartments that will ensure your valuables stay safe and dry from the elements. Each bag is constructed with ballistic strength nylon, making for unmatched durability.

    The Transit and Utility bags are outfitted with 4 red LED beacon lights that integrate seamlessly with the grommets on the sides and back of the backpacks. Rad, right? Well it gets even better. These bags also feature a removable waist strap that can convert to a pocketed hip pack, making it easy to carry small items if you’re heading out for a short trek.

    Be sure to head on over to Showers Pass to learn more about the latest line!

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  • FREITAG F251 Kowalski Backpack


    I’m all for simplicity; and nearly every piece I see from FREITAG just that. Simple.

    The FREITAG F251 Kowalski is a minimalist piece made out of recycled tarps that’s waterproof, durable as hell and fully adjustable. It’s about 12 liters and also includes an inner pocket to help separate your goods. Not bad.


  • Boreas & MASH

    Boreas-x-Mash1 MG_4194_grande

    If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know I’m a big supporter of Boreas Gear. I’ve been using a few of their bags for years back in Burlington, including the Bootlegger and the Lagunitas. I also love the dudes out at MASH. When I was out in SF last June, Mike and I were talking about how awesome the Boreas stuff is, so seeing this collaboration couldn’t have me any more hyped. Up top, you’ve got the Boreas MASH Race Day back pack which accommodates a cool 50 liters followed by the Larkin Day backpack, the perfect piece to carry your daily sundries and more.

    Head on over to MASH for all the details and to scoop one of these up. I wish I was back in the states so I could snag one! Also, stay tuned for a video review of the Bootlegger (of which I meant to post ages ago).


  • Hemetic Trading Co. – Kickstarter | Made in USA Backpacks & More

    Some of my friends from back in Burlington have a great thing going on. As you probably know, I’m a big proponent for American-made goods; even more so when my friends are involved. Hemetic Trading Company is doing it right.

    It’s well known that there are tons of brands out there pushing out products taking classic design cues from popular American brands, that catch is that they’re often adorned with a “made in China” tag. Hell, I’m more aware of it now more than ever after moving to China 3 months ago. You can literally buy a knockoff of anything you want here, and the quality is terrible. Even worse, many of these imitations are stitch-by-stich ripping off products that took blood, sweat, tears and countless passionate hours to create.

    So if you’re like me and want to support quality, honest and original products, do me a favor and help my buddies at Hemetic out over at their Kickstarter. They’re putting up some pretty amazing gifts for your support.

    To show them love, head over to the Hemetic Trading Co. Kickstarter and give what you can! Keep up the amazing work guys!


  • Brooks: Hampstead Holdall

    Brooks announces the Hampstead Holdall. A multifunctional bag designed to last.

    “The Hampstead is a versatile bag for everyday use. It is large enough to hold virtually anything you can carry, but can be attached to a standard rear rack or be worn as a rucksack…The Hampstead expands to mammoth proportions which are allowed by the adjustable straps which secure the bag at any size. The water-resistant treated cotton and foldable top ensure that your contents remain safe from the elements.”

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