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  • Volata Cycles – Italian Design Meets Innovative Technology

    volata cycles urban
    volata cycles

    In this day and age, digital technology has found its way into nearly every aspect of our lives. Love it or hate it, the fact is that it’s here to stay. Might as well embrace the digital evolution, right?

    Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, another invention, integration or innovation pops up and blows your mind. Take toothbrushes for example. A few weeks ago I was shopping for my first electric toothbrush and came across a model from Oral-B that’s outfitted with Bluetooth and has it’s own app to help improve your brushing habits. I was blown away at first, but then realized that this is something I desperately need. A hundred bucks later and my brushing habits have become gamified, graphed and greatly improved.

    Anyway, forget about the toothbrush and all that; this post is supposed to be about Volata Cycles, a San Francisco based group of product designers, creatives and coders who are taking their extensive expertise to the cycling industry. With a R&D office in Milan, Italy, Volata Cycles is merging the creativity and heritage of Italian design with the innovative spirit of the Silicon Valley to get more people riding a bicycle as their primary means of transport.

    In short, Volata is creating a bicycle embedded with a 2.4″ app-based computer that will track your performance, give you the upcoming weather, assist you with turn-by-turn directions and is also equipped with front and rear lights to help you stay visible. The bicycle is also going be outfitted with a GPS-based anti-theft system which uses a motion detector to sense attempted thefts. The bicycle will then relay this information as well as a GPS location to the user.

    Pretty rad concept, right? Be sure to learn more at Volata Cycles and check out the press release below.

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  • Vanmoof Boncho Bike Poncho


    As a year-round commuter for nearly 10 years now, I’ve come to embrace the crappy weather, rainy days and unpredictability that comes with bicycle commuting. Over the last decade, I’ve pretty much dialed-in my gear; waterproof or high top shoes, rain pants, a rain jacket and some gloves.

    Until moving here, I’d never seen people in ponchos like these…but here, they’re the norm. On a rainy day, you’ll see countless people on scooters and bicycles with ponchos similar to this one from Vanmoof, navigating the roads and bicycle lanes looking like Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde from Pacman.

    The Boncho Bike Poncho is a sure upgrade from the ponchos you’ll find in Family Mart or Lawson’s…I mean, that should go without saying. The extended cut allows you to cover your handlebars, helmet and rear-end, while still folding to a packable size. Head on over to the Boncho Kickstarter for more info.

  • DUCKSINAROW Commuter Backpack


    Every now and then there’s a Kickstarter campaign that really catches my attention. With so many people out there abusing or taking advantage of crowd funding, it’s easy to tune out after hearing  “we just launched our Kickstarter…”,  am I right?

    As someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, lacking the “bootstrapability” some startup folks posses, I can totally stand behind genuinely good ideas like this one being crowd-funded. The gals over at DUCKS IN A ROW are onto something good here.

    Despite looking a bit like a turtle-shell, this bag’s design and construction appear to be top notch. I mean, would you expect anything less than a couple industrial designers who used to work for Manfrotto? I especially like that you’re able to easily strap it to your handlebars. Now that it’s the winter, I don’t mind riding with a backpack so much, but during the hot, sweaty summer months, getting the load off your back is ideal. I mean, the main reason I’m such a huge advocate of the Cetma 5 rail is simply due to the fact that I can strap my backpack or whatever to it (among much, much larger items). Twenty kilometers worth of daily commuting with a backpack gets old, really fast.

    Back in Vermont, I’d often commute with panniers – either on my Soma or Van Dessel. While panniers are amazing for 90% of my riding/commuting, they’re slightly inconvenient when you need to take them off and walk around; this is where the DUCKSINAROW commuter bags come in. Simply un-strap these badboys and you’ve got a backpack, perfect for waltzing around the market or whatever.

    While I’m not much of a leather guy (I like stuff I don’t feel bad destroying), I can really appreciate the look these backpacks have as well as the fact that they come with a rain cover. The transparent touch screen phone pocket is also great! This commuter backpack is chock-fulla details like this. So, if you’re liking what you see, head on over to the DUCKSINAROW Kickstarter and toss ’em a few bucks.

    Check out the bag in greater detail below.

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  • Blackburn Central Series Lights

    Central 100 Front Lght (1)

    blackburncentral-2 blackburncentral-3 blackburncentral

    A good set of lights for your bike is something that every regular cyclist should own. They’re just as important as a good set of tires on your commuter bike, and even more essential during the fall and winter months. The Blackburn Central 100 front and 20 rear have just been released and are looking to be a pretty promising option for keeping you safe and seen during those evening jaunts or early morning commutes. Also, they’re rechargeable via USB – so you’ll never have to fiddle with replacing batteries or running to the store for some AAA’s. Head on over to Blackburn to see the full specs on the Central 100 front and Central 20 rear.

    PS – I’m still alive. I’ve been out of town for a few days and taking a little vacation in Moganshan, China. Stay tuned for some updates and news this week as well as some photos from my trip.


  • Chrome Industries Introduces Knurled Welded Waterproof Rolltops




    I’ve wanted Chrome to make some bags like this for quite a while! It’s awesome seeing them tap into the touring and urban commuting market with their latest line of Chrome Knurled Welded Waterproof Rolltops. Their latest release includes the Excursion Rolltop 37, Urban EX Rolltop 18, the Saddle Bag Rolltop 20 and the Front Rack Duffle 40; all brilliant options. Though, I think I’m most excited about the Front Rack Duffel and the Saddle Bag Rolltop – pictured above.

    Chrome created Knurled Welded™ Waterproof Rolltops for bike camping, adventure biking, and all weather commuting – when weight matters and getting wet is not an option. Knurled Welded™ Rolltops are made with our proprietary welding technology that combines RF welding with a mechanical interlock to create the toughest, lightest 100% waterproof bags. Each bag has a watertight rolltop closure for submersible water protection, a Hypalon® Molle loop system for expandability, and five-bar webbing haul straps for hand carrying. Go Farther. Stay Dryer. Guaranteed for Life.

    The Knurled Welded line consists of Saddle Bag and Front Rack Duffle Rolltop. 
    Knurled Welded Rolldtop Duffle and Saddle Bag Rolltop work on the bike and off. Both bags leave the hardware on the bike where it should be.  The Result is a saddle bag and front rack duffle you can carry around.

    800lbs pull strength, 600 Denier, Waterproof Construction

    150% more contact surface welds than other waterproof technology

    70% lighter then traditional waterproof bags

    Be sure to check out these bags in detail below. If you’re as hyped as I am, head over to the Chrome Industries site and see where you can get your own Chrome Knurled Welded bags.


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  • Levi’s Commuter Series – Fall 2013

    fall 2013 levi's commuter

    The Fall 2013 Levi’s Commuter Series is about to be released any day now, here’s a little preview at some of the goods you can expect. Continue reading below for a sneak preview on some of the offerings!


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  • Huffington Post: Biking To Work

    Biking And Health
    Have a read through this infro-graph from The Huffington Post  – some really good statistics in there. I’ve been fortunate enough to live in a small city where commuting to work and errands never end up being more than a couple miles (which is nice ’cause Burlington winters get cold). How many of you are able to ride to work everyday?