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  • I Miss SF: Magenta Hill Street Blues 2

    I’ve only been back from SF for about a month now but already but already miss the place, badly. While I was out there I definitely got my share of riding in, but also had a few things I wanted to do on the ole skateboard; bombing a hill was one of my objectives.

    While hanging with some friends at Bicycle Fabrications, I stepped outside to rip some of the semi-steep hills of SOMA and probably did the longest powerslide of my life – nearly 2 car lengths! Anyway, the Magenta folks are some of my favorite people in skateboarding right now and their recent SF Hill Street Blues 2 video is the epitome of street skating in my mind. Check it out!


  • SF is Rad!



    Oh man, San Francisco has been amazing so far. Despite the rain throughout the past two days, we’ve really been getting after it; riding, skating, eating burritos and exploring the city. Monday morning we hit our first skate park out in Alameda by 10 am, followed by a trip to “Hood Games” in Oakland, then a quick stop by Bicycle Fabrications, and finally ended up at Pacifica Skate Park. So after skating four very different parks we decided it was time for a little road ride to finish off the day. It also started raining, so we embraced rule #9 (screw rules) and headed out to seize the carp.

    Riding over the Golden Gate Bridge was pretty surreal, especially with all the fog and rain. When we arrived in Marin we did a few climbs and a few ultra scary descents. After a couple hours we were all feeling pretty accomplished, so some Pakistani food and beers were in order. All in all I’d say I had an amazing first day out in SF. I made some new friends, learned back tails in tranny, got muddy and was all smiles. What more could you ask for?

    Today we woke up around 7 for a ride leaving out of the Mash store, but not before stopping for coffee at Fourbarrel (I’ve had way too much coffee today). It had been raining since we woke up so I was well-prepared for the soak that was upon us. We rode with some of the Mash bros for a minute and then met up with Walton to cruise south and hit San Bruno. I was feeling pretty cooked by the time we got up San Bruno, especially since I’d only eaten a croissant. Oh well, I’m on vacation to get pitted so cheers to that. Check out some more photos from my trip so far below.


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  • James Crowe: Tail Light

    james crowe custom tail light

    Shop partner of Jordan Hufnagel, James Crowe is quite the fabricator. Just take a look at this custom tail light he made. See some more of his work here.


  • Bicycle Fabrications: Tandem

    Bicycle Fabrications Tandem

    Bicycle Fabrications definitely turned some heads at this year’s NAHBS. See more at Dirt Rag and here.


  • Bicycle Fabrications: Candyman

    I can’t think of a more awesome name for a downhill ripper than Candyman.

    Candyman, Candyman, Candyman….

    This Bicycle Fabrications rig appeared at this years NAHBS and I’m sure it really stuck out among all the lugged steel; it being a ti and carbon downhill bike and all.

    See some more photos at Cycle EXIF and the NAHBS site.