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  • Volata Cycles – Italian Design Meets Innovative Technology

    volata cycles urban
    volata cycles

    In this day and age, digital technology has found its way into nearly every aspect of our lives. Love it or hate it, the fact is that it’s here to stay. Might as well embrace the digital evolution, right?

    Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, another invention, integration or innovation pops up and blows your mind. Take toothbrushes for example. A few weeks ago I was shopping for my first electric toothbrush and came across a model from Oral-B that’s outfitted with Bluetooth and has it’s own app to help improve your brushing habits. I was blown away at first, but then realized that this is something I desperately need. A hundred bucks later and my brushing habits have become gamified, graphed and greatly improved.

    Anyway, forget about the toothbrush and all that; this post is supposed to be about Volata Cycles, a San Francisco based group of product designers, creatives and coders who are taking their extensive expertise to the cycling industry. With a R&D office in Milan, Italy, Volata Cycles is merging the creativity and heritage of Italian design with the innovative spirit of the Silicon Valley to get more people riding a bicycle as their primary means of transport.

    In short, Volata is creating a bicycle embedded with a 2.4″ app-based computer that will track your performance, give you the upcoming weather, assist you with turn-by-turn directions and is also equipped with front and rear lights to help you stay visible. The bicycle is also going be outfitted with a GPS-based anti-theft system which uses a motion detector to sense attempted thefts. The bicycle will then relay this information as well as a GPS location to the user.

    Pretty rad concept, right? Be sure to learn more at Volata Cycles and check out the press release below.

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  • 3D Printed Carbon Fiber Track Bike: VRZ 2



    Things have been a little slow around here lately, so what better way to pick up the speed than with a track bike? Sure, I’ve posted plenty of fast bikes here but how many are constructed using 3D printed titanium lugs? Technology these days fascinates me. I just got back the other day from Seattle where I attended a conference about search engine marketing and while I’ve been saying this for a while, it’s never been more apparent that computers these days are smarter than about 60% of the US population. No doubt.

    It’ll be interesting to see what place 3D printing will occupy in the bike industry, too. Charge Bikes have already played around with 3D printed dropouts…and now folks like Ralf Holleis are printing titanium lugs. I guess only time will tell…

    More below


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  • Fox Introduces iPhone Suspension App

    fox iphone app

    This is really awesome. Fox had previously created a smart pump that will help determine your tire pressure, but the $200 dollar price point put it out of reach for many. That’s why they’ve just finished developing a Fox suspension iPhone app that will automatically calculate the proper psi for your Fox CTD fork or rear shock. See the full scoop at Dirt Rag.


  • Magura RT8C Hydraulic Road Brakes

    magura rt8c rim brakes

    Who other than Magura to bring back hydraulic rim brakes? Mineral oil and hydraulic fluids have had their place in cycling for some time now, but never on road racing bikes…until recently. We’ve seen the hydraulic shifters and derailleurs offered by Acros; the Colnago C59 disc road bike sporting hydraulic, road-specific disc brakes; and now we’ve got the RT8C hydraulic rim brakes by Magura. Will traditional cables be phased out eventually? I sure hope not (and highly doubt it) as I’m a bit of a purist, though I really do enjoy seeing technology progress like this – especially in bicycles!

    It’ll be interesting how many rims these destroy – more info, plus a video at



  • KVA Stainless and Carbon Exogrid

    KVA Stainless Carbon Exogrid Interbike

    KVA Stainless made an appearance at Interbike last month, showing off their new applications of carbon and steel. What we have here is a stainless steel and carbon structured tube, said to be lighter and better suited for the torsional flex created when riding. This here is a fine example of the technology, welded together on a Dean frame. I’m excited to follow this technology and hear back from those using it on the daily!

    “Multi-material tube structure allow for a tube lighter than the original stainless steel tube with stiffer bending/torsion performance.”

    Read up a little more at Bike Rumor.


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  • Pinion P1.18

    pinion p1.18 18 speed gear box

    pinion p 1.18 gear box mountain bike

    photo: Pink Bike

    A reader named Joe sent this my way and I’m really happy he did as I’d never seen anything quite like it. Here we have the Pinion P1.18, an 18 – speed bottom-bracket-mounted gear box for your mountain bike designed in Germany by a couple of former Porsche engineers.  Throughout those 18 gears, the Pinion gives you an overall gear ratio of 636% – that’s bigger than any available derailleur ratio or internal hub. I always thought the Rohloff was bad ass, but with the Pinion, the weight of the gear box is distributed throughout the BB area providing a better balance and handling I’d imagine. Got your interest now? Read up more here.

    See some coverage from EuroBike (plus photos of the internals) at Pink Bike. 

    Thanks Joe!


  • Sneak Peak: Gates Carbon Belt Drive Prototype

    Improving on the bicycle chain is no easy feat, but this new Gates Carbon Belt Drive system seems to have accomplished just that. Check out the awesome and very insightful review at The Old Spokes Home blog.